The Cost Of Starting Up A Hair Salon In Nigeria 2023

How much does it cost to start a hair salon in Nigeria? This article is made to guide you on how to start your hair salon and the cost of starting up a hair salon in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country blessed with skillful people, you must have been practicing as a hairdresser by working with someone who has a salon, but one thing to know is that there is nothing as good as having your own hair salon business.

The Cost Of Starting Up A Hair Salon In Nigeria

With the population of Nigeria, people need to make hair which means you have the chance to earn well as hairdressing is a very profitable business.

NaijaXtreme blog has taken it up to provide you with the necessary information you need to start your hair salon business in Nigeria and we will explain through a step-by-step guide based on our research and information we’ve obtained from those who own a salon.

You cannot just state an estimate of how much you are going to need to start up a hair salon business in Nigeria as it depends on various factors, which we will break down for you so you can know the minimum investment capital needed to open a hair salon.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the topic as we reveal the factors that influence the cost of starting a salon.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Starting Up A Hair Salon In Nigeria

Below are some listed factors that determine the cost of starting a salon:


The location where the salon will be situated is the first thing to take note of; in short, it is the most important factor as this will determine your growth. You, as a person, need to make your research based on your target, will you like to have your hair salon in a village where the population is less and customers can’t pay much? Or will you prefer a suburban or bustling city where we have middle-class or high earners?

You definitely want the city and a bustling business area as their income or purchasing power will be very high which means you also can earn a high income, mind you this also means your investment has to be a bit high as the cost of renting a shop will be higher than that of rural areas.


Another factor to consider is the available or needed equipment, and this is usually the challenge that most hair stylists face when they intend to stand alone and own their salon. You definitely need capital to purchase all the basic equipment you will need to give your customers satisfactory service.

For instance, a welcome mat, a beautiful logo, an attractive business name and a very tidy environment. You have to ensure that the space needed, chairs, durability and comfort of both the stylist and customers are a priority.

Essential Tools

The instrument needed to give your customers the best hair-do is also very important, there should not be a second thought about this they are very essential, things like; clippers, razors, hair dryers, blow dryers, trimmers, all-purpose shears, blending shears, towels, combs, brushes and so many more.

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Fixed Costs

You, as the salon owner, should have a price list of the various services you offer and know the cost associated with each treatment, so you want to draft your variable charges and fixed costs, with your fixed cost, you can easily handle the rent, employee salaries, maintenance, tax, insurance, utility bills and other bills you need to settle either monthly or annually.

The Cost Of Starting Up A Hair Salon In Nigeria

As stated earlier in this article, the price needed to set up a hair salon varies based on various factors nevertheless, based on NaijaXtreme research we got to establish the fact that with an average amount of money, you can actually get your hair salon up and running.

Taking the basic hairdressing equipment and tools into consideration and also choosing the perfect location will require a capital of about ₦500,000 – ₦5,000,000. Mind you, the price can be a bit lower or even more higher to about ₦10,000,000.

When you have a well-set-up hair salon you can also integrate affiliate marketing or sell beauty products like shampoo, hair cream, hair dye, blow dryers, etc. there is no limit to the amount you can make.

As we all know there are some bills for you to pay like electricity bills, the stylist’s salary, and other costs of operation to ensure optimal performance and the satisfaction of customers, you also need to get a standby power generator as the electricity in Nigeria isn’t stable or reliable.

You can as well reduce the cost of starting a hair salon by opting for affordable equipment and supplies likewise buying fairly used equipment and furniture, concerning the salary of staff, you can also employ part-time staff members instead of full-time workers.

To further reduce the cost, you can pend or minimize some marketing expenses and utilize social media and also create a simple website that will serve as your advert source.

Never forget that even with no capital, you can as well start up a hair salon; you can make use of a shed area in your house or even visit people’s houses or places of work to make their hair or cut their hair. But to have your own personal location is the best as it gives you that respect and also allows you to decide on the right price which the customer won’t question.


Nigerians are classic people who are well exposed so there is no doubt many people will invest in beautification which has made the hair salon a profitable one as there is high demand for it. Ladies, women and even girls love to look good in Nigeria likewise men, guys and boys; everyone value their looks as looking good is a good business.

The way you look can open doors for you, which translates to more money, nobody wants to do business with someone who looks unkempt, which is the reason why you need to start up your hair salon business in Nigeria as soon as possible.

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We advise you to get a good location if you have the funds as this can propel you to success within a short period of time.

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