5 French Clothing Brands That Are Sweeping Instagram

Are you passionate about French fashion? We understand you, we understand you too! we review 5 French clothing brands that are sweeping Instagram and beyond the walls of this social network. Grab a pen and paper because you are going to fall in love with them!

Do you consider yourself a lover of French fashion? And it is possible that if you have seen Emily in Paris you have been amazed with the style of Camille, Emily Cooper’s friend. An icon of the series that has made us fall in love, even more if possible, with French style and fashion.

5 French Clothing Brands That Are Sweeping Instagram

There is an issue that is very present in French women and that we should not overlook, and that is that they buy little, but they do it well. An aspect that makes us look back at a term that we have already discussed previously: the capsule wardrobe.

A concept that refers to filling the closet with an indeterminate series of good quality basic garments, which do not go out of style, and which will be the base of any wardrobe. 

Next, we see 5 French clothing brands that are sweeping Instagram and that you will surely love!

5 French clothing brands that are sweeping Instagram

1. Sezane

Founded in 2013 by Morgane Sézalory, Sézane is, as they define themselves on their website, the first French fashion brand that focuses its collections on quality, creativity and fair prices. The name of the brand is born from the contraction of the surname and the first name of Morgane Sézalory. 

A brand that offers wardrobe essentials that never go out of style and that combine with everything. Can you ask for more? Hence, it is one of the favorite brands of the French.

2. Rouje

Rouje is the airy Parisian attitude, feminine elegance, retro charm. This is how the French brand Rouje is defined. A firm that was born in 2016 by the hand of Jeanne Damas, a woman who opted to focus on the personal style of women and on the importance of being free to express femininity in the way that each one considers. 

Rouje’s style is very similar to Sézane’s, although more retro. Some garments to get elegant, casual and very wearable outfits. Still don’t know her?

3. Sandro Paris

The third of the brands that we are going to talk about is Sandro, a brand with more years of life than the previous two to which we have already alluded, it was founded nothing more and nothing less than in 1984 by Évelyne Chétrite and her husband Didier Chétrite. A firm that stands out for its simple bags and garments, but at the same time elegant. 

An aspect that, as we have seen previously, is an innate characteristic of French fashion. Sandro París not only has a catalog of the most varied women’s, but also men’s.

4. Maje

Elegant, sober and bold. This is how the French brand itself, Maje, defines its clothing collection. A brand that, as it happens, was founded in 1998 by Judith Milgrom, the younger sister of Sandro’s creative director, Evelyne Chétrite. Curious, right? A brand that has a combination of casual and sophisticated garments that will accompany you throughout the day, adapting to each situation. 

A fashion that is free and uninhibited for all women in which clothing is much more than just clothes: it is a way of being yourself.

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5. Claudie Pierlot

Founded in 1984, the Claudie Pierlot brand is another of the favorites of the French, and also Spanish. A firm that is characterized by having basic garments, but with flirty details such as bows or prints that make a difference. 

The urban and feminine brand par excellence with a casual chic style, which aims to draw attention to the perfectly thought-out structures of the garments.

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