The 12 Best Deodorants In The World 2023

Want to know the best deodorants in the world? The difference between various deodorant products matters. Some have more hours of protection and others offer fewer stains when in contact with clothing.

Deodorant is one of the essential hygiene products. The tense days that lengthen in the office, the temperatures that rise unexpectedly at noon when you wear more coats than necessary in spring or an intense day of exercise can be more bearable if we use a good deodorant. Especially to prevent the armpit from starting to smell stronger than usual.

The Consumer Organization has made a new ranking with the best deodorants on the market. Up to 10 different products have gone through the analysis of this organization, which wanted to differentiate between deodorants and antiperspirants. The first ones mask the smell; the seconds decrease the amount of sweat.

The 12 Best Deodorants In The World

“If you are looking for a good deodorant that works as an antiperspirant, we help you choose the one that is best for you”. During testing, emphasis was placed on the deodorant’s effectiveness against sweat, and therefore against odor, and on the stains left by its application.

Top 12 Best Deodorants In The World

Here are the best deodorants you should use:

1. Spray Deodorants

Spray deodorants are perfect for sharing. Sometimes, going through such an intimate area the roll-on is complicated. If sharing must be done, many prefer the ointment to be applied from a distance. For this, the spray is perfect. The OCU has understood that among the best, some had to be in this format.

2. Roll-on Deodorants

While spray deodorants are perfect for sharing, roll-on ones are great for personal use. In fact, its personal consumption is more widespread among show-offs who don’t want any traces left on their clothes. The residues left on textiles are almost negligible in the six roll-ons analyzed on this occasion.

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3. Dove Original

This product can be found in spray format. The Consumer Organization has classified it as the best of those that have been analysed: it has received a score of 81, obtaining the denomination of “very good quality”. The 200 milliliters that the container contains are priced cheaper.

4. Deliplus (Mercadona) Aloe

It is the second best deodorant in the world of those analyzed. It is a product classified as “very good quality” that has received a total of 80 points in the test carried out by the Consumer Organization. It has a cost of 0.75 euros per container, which contains 50 milliliters. It is in roll-on format.

5. Rexona Woman Maximum Protection Clean Scent

It contains 100 milliliters of product and can be found in supermarkets in spray format. It is priced at 3.99 euros per container and has been tested as one of the best. Out of 100, it has received a rating of 78, “very good quality”. The ‘feminine’ spray is manufactured by Unielever.

6. Nivea Dry Comfort

The price of the container of this Nivea product is 1.85 euros. Contains 50 milliliters and is in roll-on format. Nivea Dry comfort passed the tests carried out by the Consumer Organization with very good marks. The OCU calls it a “very good quality” deodorant after giving it 76 points out of 100 possible.

7. Cien (LIDL)Total Invisible

This product is the recommendation of the OCU and ranked as one of the best deodorants in the world. It has a reference price of 0.69 euros for a 50-milliliter container. In roll-on format, the deodorant becomes the recommendation in relation to its quality-price, which is why it has been classified as a master purchase. In the analysis it has received a score of 75 out of 100.

8. Dove Invisible Dry

The Dove Invisible Dry is another of the deodorants classified as good quality. In roll-on format, its reference price is 1.80 euros per container. The score obtained is 70, in the average quality of the product. It has been the labeling that has lowered this score, because in terms of the effectiveness of the deodorant it has achieved an extraordinary rating: 90 points.

9. Mum Unperfumed

It is the first of those tested to drop below 70 points. Finally, it has been given a score of 64, qualifying it as “good quality”. This roll-on format deodorant has a reference price of 1.75 euros and contains 50 milliliters. The effectiveness of the deodorant is 84, but its labeling (it received only 54 points) made it fall in the test.

10. Sanex Dermo Extra Control

62 points has been the rating obtained by this Sanex product which placed it among the best deodorants in the world. Its reference price is 2.87 euros and it has been called one of the “good quality” products. In spray format, 200 milliliters contains this product.

11. Spanish Institute Aloe Vera Deodorant

The reference price of this product is 1.65 euros. The roll-on container contains 75 milliliters of product. Through reviews conducted by the Consumer Organization, this product has received a rating of 86 for efficacy and 77 for labeling. However, it is the penultimate on this list because overall it was scored only with 59 points, defining itself among those of medium quality.

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12. Nivea Black & White Invisible original

Last on our list of the best deodorants in the world is Nivea spray format contains 200 ml. Its price of 2.80 euros, contains perfume and allergenic fragrances. This product has an average quality of 58 and has received a full five stars for its efficacy and labeling. 

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