The 10 Best Fashion Designers In Nigeria Today

Who are the best fashion designers in Nigeria? The Nigerian fashion industry has taken a new leap, and we can not but appreciate the effort of people living in the top cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. While Lagos state remains the home of fashion and arts.

As we all know, fashion in Nigeria is one of the most important aspects of life for both males and females, young and old while we have mostly the females striving to achieve a different look and this has been helping the Nigerian fashion industry and placed the industry among the top best fashion industries in the world.

The high demand for designer brands and other fashion products has made the business of fashion a reputable one in Nigeria “No one does fashion and regret it” and this has been a good source of income for many Nigerians and at the same time adding to the country economy. This has been the main reason why we have many people going into the fashion business both educated and non-educated.

The 10 Best Fashion Designers In Nigeria Today

In Africa, Nigeria is seen as the backbone of fashion and this is achieved by infusing the traditional styles, culture and diversity of the Nigerian people which most African countries now emulate and the trend has gone beyond the shore of Africa.

Without further ado, let us quickly dive into the top 10 best fashion designers in Nigeria who have been successful in the fashion field.

Top 10 Fashion Designers In Nigeria

Below is the list of the Best Nigerian Fashion Designers:

1. Folake Folarin Coker

Folake Folarin Coker is rated as the best designer in Nigeria. Folake Folarin Coker is a Nigerian born in Lagos in the year 1974 into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Bode Akindele. Folake Folarin Coker is the founder of Tiffany Amber’s creative, she launched her brand in Lagos in 1998.

Folake Folarin Coker earned a post-graduate degree in petroleum law in both Switzerland and the United Kingdom, after which she returned to Nigeria to pursue her passion for Fashion. Since then, the brand has grown to become a world-famous iconic label. Her fashion brand is well known in Africa, the United States, and Europe. Her creativity has earned her a history as the first African-based fashion designer to stage a show at the New York Mercedes Fashion Week on two occasions.

2. Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe is a Nigerian Fashion designer who hails from Ondo State. She is an entrepreneur and founder of House of Deola Sagoe. She is currently rated as the best in the fashion industry as she has made a name for herself all over the world.

Deola Sagoe began her career in 1989, Deola Sagoe is also a multiple award-winning fashion designer she also designed the label, Odua. Deola has a Master’s Degree in Finance and Management from the University of Lagos and the University of Miami. 

Deola Sagoe has designed polo, dresses, men’s wear for customers and brands. She mainly uses hand-woven materials in her work. Her creativity and colorful designs have distinguished her from other fashion designers.

3. Yomi Makun

Yomi Makun, popularly known as Yomi Casual was born on January 25, 1985. He is a graduate of Fashion Design and Clothing Technology from the polytechnic, Auchi. Yomi Casual specializes in African designs, mainly Ankara fabrics.

Yomi Casual is one of the best Fashion designers in Nigeria. Yomi Casual Is a younger brother to AY Comedian apart from them being brothers, Yomi is also the approved Outfit Partner of AY Live Comedy & Music Shows.

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Yomi Casual has designed elegant outfits for Nigerian Celebrities and Top models in the country who have also helped in promoting his brands.

4. Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu is a London-based award-winning Fashion designer born in Lagos. Duro is a graduate of law. He was voted as the dress of the year by British and American vogue. His talent has earned him global recognition as he was also patronized by Michelle Obama, Solange Knowles. He was also named Best International Designer at the African fashion Awards in South Africa.

In addition to being one of the renowned fashion designers in Nigeria and the world at large, Duro Olowu is also a lawyer by profession but he made it known that fashion has always been his first love and as destiny has it he made a breakthrough by being a fashion designer.

He has worked for many celebrities and you can always see his designs being displayed in various Fashion Weeks to the extent he was named the “New Designer of the Year” and in 2009 he got named the “Best International Designer.”

5. Adediwura Adegboyega (DeGOLD)

A renowned Nigerian fashion designer who is known for crafting the best designs for fashion lovers and celebrities. Adediwura Adegboyega is the founder of DeGold Fashion House Limited located in Abuja, Nigeria. He is one of the best fashion designers in Nigeria who has spread his tentacles internationally.

The brand DeGold Fashion is an influential brand in the Nigerian fashion industry and we cannot ignore the quality that comes with the outfits that have been produced so far by this fashion company.

Adediwura Adegboyega has taken his time to set standards that other fashion brands couldn’t meet, he has always been at the forefront of promoting African culture and traditional values through his works and this made him one of the most sought-after fashion designers in Nigeria today.

To further clarify his ability he is the major fashion designer for Nigerian top celebrities like MC Tagwaye, Gbenga Titiloye and many others.

6. Frank Oshodi

Another designer that made it up on our list of top 10 fashion designers in Nigeria is Frank Oshodi, he has made it a priority to always reveal the Nigerian cultural diversity everywhere he finds himself. His fashion brand is known in top countries of the world.

Frank Oshodi is an award-winning fashion designer in Nigeria and he has also won a lot of fashion awards for himself internationally. For someone who has been in the fashion space for over 25 years, it is expected that his experience will always speak volumes.

He began his career in the industry as a model, he worked as a model for Dakova, Nikki Africana and many other famous modeling agencies in the country.

Frank Oshodi has also worked on TV commercials for Macleans and to add to his line of businesses he included a makeup label which is most times used by Silverbird and in particular his makeup brand and artists were the ones who worked on Agbani Darego and made her the Miss World winner.

7. Ituen Basi

Here is a Nigerian female fashion designer with numerous awards, she is a graduate of the University of Ife, she studied Theatre Arts and has started her fashion designing career with her unique fashion crafts.

As someone who is deeply involved in Theatre Arts, she knows what looks best in such profession and events that require live play so she took it upon herself to always design costumes for on-campus live plays and also for many beauty pageants that took place in the campus.

After graduating she started working as a professional fashion designer and her name is one of those that ring bells in the Nigerian fashion space.

Ituen Basi got her fashion brand launched in 2009 and since then has been producing various Ankara styled fashion products like Ankara bags, beads and other fashion products or wears.

8. Zizi Cardow

The C.E.O of Zizi Industrial clothing Company launched her fashion brand in the year 2000 and for over two decades now she has been making Nigeria proud, she is one of the best fashion designers in Africa with various awards to show for it.

The Abia State-born fashion designer has her tentacles spread beyond the shores of Nigeria, she basically focuses her designs on African fabrics and her expertise could be seen on the wear of many celebrities in Nigeria.

Aside from being well regarded in Nigeria, she has also been interviewed by various broadcasting companies like SABC, CNN, Channel O, and so many others, she also has on her shelve various awards like the Ejiga Mba1 of Isuikwuato, The Prestigious Designer of the year (2001) and many others.

9. Yemi Osunkoya

The list of the best fashion designers in Nigeria would have not been complete without us mentioning Yemi Osunkoya the founder of Kosibah Fashion Brand a London-based fashion brand.

He is known globally and appreciated as one of the top-rated fashion designers in the world. Yemi Osunkoya has been serving us with his expertise in the fashion industry, he is the designer of some top celebrities both in Nigeria and internationally.

Yemi Osunkoya is mainly focused on elegant couture and also contemporary couture and his touch of craft are quite unique from what you will get from other fashion designers in the country.

10. Lisa Folawiyo

Finally, on the list of the best Nigerian fashion designers, we have Lisa Folawiyo, she is a prolific fashion designer and her name is one of the household names as long as fashion designing is concerned in Nigeria.

With a humble beginning, Lisa Folawiyo started her career as a fashion designer which makes her one of the self-made fashion designers in Nigeria.

Lisa is known for her top-notch designs and creative touches on her works, her level of creativity is compared to none and she can transform any traditional African fabrics into gold. She is well updated and this is why she always dishes out trending fashion styles to her customers.

We’ve seen some of her works on display at various fashion week shows in the US, UK, South Africa and other countries of the world, she also has taken over various top popular fashion weeks like the New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, e.t.c.

Lisa Folawiyo in 2005 launched her fashion brand called “Jewel by Lisa” and has been producing the best top-quality fashion designs for over a decade now, she is also into jewelry purses and some other fashion-related accessories, she is currently one of the finest fashion designers in Nigeria.

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With the above list, we have come to the conclusion of the top ten best fashion designers in Nigeria, we hope you enjoyed your time here. Kindly hit the share button to enable other people read this.

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