Benefits Of Hydration For Dry Skin [+Guide On How To]

Do you know about the benefits of hydration for dry skin? As far as beauty and skincare is concerned, we have for you in this post tips and a step-by-step guide for dry skin care.

Hydration for dry skin doesn’t have to be a seven-headed beast: you just need to know the right tricks and have products that match your needs. 

Benefits Of Hydration For Dry Skin

To help you, we created this post, where we will give you tips, step by step guide on the benefits of hydration for dry skin and how to go about it.

Dry skin characteristics

If you have this type of skin, you’ve probably noticed that it’s very prone to flaking or reddening. Have you ever wondered why this happens? It’s simple: imbalance of the sebaceous glands.

When these glands cannot produce the necessary amount of oil, the skin is unable to stay hydrated, loses more water and becomes more fragile, suffering from the aforementioned problems: scaling and redness.

Other characteristics of this type of skin are the barely visible pores, the skin without luminosity and the appearance of fine lines and cracks, as explained by dermatologists.

And why is the skin so dry? Genetic factors play a big role in this answer, in addition to hormonal issues such as thyroid problems or menopause.

Along with this, we also have external factors, such as the weather. So if you live in a very cold, dry and windy place, or are exposed to excessive UV light, you will likely have this type of skin. Habits can also contribute, and an example of them is bathing in very hot water.

Benefits of hydration for dry skin

A well-hydrated skin, in addition to bringing very satisfactory aesthetic benefits (such as firmness, prevention of stretch marks and freshness), is synonymous with health; that is, it becomes a resistant barrier against microorganisms and has less risk of flaking, itching, redness and irritation.

But rememberhydrated skin doesn’t just depend on the best skincare. Other factors such as water and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables make all the difference to this process.

How to choose a moisturizer for dry skin and other products?

First, if you have problems related to dry skin, it is very important to consult your trusted dermatologist to investigate this situation in depth. In these cases, it is very likely that the professional will prescribe specific formulas or products.

But if your skin is just dry and there is no problem related to it, the Society of Dermatology indicates that the chosen products should preferably be oil-free and water-based.

Sunscreen, which should also be used in skin care (we’ll talk later), should cover a series of issues: water resistance; UVA protection (PPD) must be at least half the SPF value; and, finally, SPF protection of 30 or more, as indicated by the Society of Dermatologists.

For bathing, moisturizing liquid soap should be preferable to a bar and specific for dry skin. Opt for versions without dyes, fragrances and alcohol.

How to moisturize dry skin: step by step

For the skin of the body, the ideal is to use a moisturizer every time you shower. In fact, some products have very important actives that help to capture moisture from the air for the skin. 

Hydration after bathing is quite effective, precisely because the skin is moist and the pores are more open and allow better penetration of the product.

As for the face, it is important that hydration is done twice a day, morning and night. In addition, always choose products suitable for the face, as the skin of this region is different from the rest of the body.

After applying the dry skin moisturizer on your face or thermal water, finish with a sunscreen that follows the guidelines of the Society of Dermatology.

Remember what we said: it’s no use having the best skincare routine if you don’t eat properly. Well, ingesting portions of fruits daily is something you can’t miss, as they are rich in water, vitamin A and C — excellent antioxidants.

As for water, it should always be consumed — even when you’re not thirsty. So drink at least two liters a day.

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Skin hydration in winter: how does it look?

For those who naturally already suffer from dry skin, it is not news that the situation worsens in winter. Therefore, it is crucial that hydration be redoubled. This means that it is essential to consult your dermatologist so that he can recommend products that reinforce this care.

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