The Coolest and Best Quality Socks Brands

Discover the best brands of socks for men and women, including casual, sporty and all kinds of materials. Socks are one of the items of clothing that many people may consider the most insignificant for their look, but they are actually quite important.

They help a lot both aesthetically and functionally. In the first sense, which is more common with men, you can add a touch of color to your look (mainly when wearing a suit) and make it more fun. But they are also very important to keep your feet cool or warm depending on the case. There are many styles and types to choose from so here we will recommend 10 of the best sock brands so you can choose your favorites.

The Coolest and Best Quality Socks Brands


Bombas is a clear example of how to achieve a successful business, but not forget about those in need. Not only is it one of the best sock brands out there, but it also has an altruistic meaning. And with every pair of socks you buy in their store, the brand will give another pair to a homeless person. But people don’t just buy their socks to help, but also because of their excellent quality. There are 5 types of length (ranging from those that are not visible to models that reach the knee) and casual, sporty and compression designs.

As if that weren’t enough, their designs are pretty good and of excellent quality. As a curious fact, this has been one of the most successful ideas that have emerged in the American version of the popular television show Shark Tank. Its creators went to the show and managed to get investment in their company that now invoices more than $100 million dollars a year. In addition to socks, Bombas also produces t-shirts and underwear. At the moment they are only available for shipping to the United States.

Happy Socks

Just as its name suggests, Happy Socks is one of the sock brands with the most colorful and original designs. If you like to draw attention and give your look a different and colorful touch with your socks, this brand is for you. They have designs with all the colors of the rainbow accompanied by drawings of animals, planets, flowers, fruits and many more. There are also Halloween, Christmas, Easter or even Oktoberfest editions.

They also often release special editions of television shows, films or even musical groups such as The Simpsons, Star Wars or The Beatles. In addition to their online store, Happy Socks’ fun models are available in a large number of department stores around the world such as Liverpool in Mexico, El Corte Inglés in Spain or Macy’s in the United States.


Everyone knows Adidas as one of the most famous sports brands. In addition to making sportswear and footwear, they produce socks for women, men, and children so that you can do your favorite sporting activity comfortably.

This is why they strive to create combinations of materials that keep your feet dry during physical activity. But there are also more casual models that you can use on a daily basis. There are both super short, medium, and long ones for all types of sports. We recommend that you buy their sets since they can be very cheap since they include up to 6 pairs for $20 dollars.


Uniqlo is one of the best brands to get good, pretty and cheap socks. In fact, almost everything that the Japanese brand sells meets these parameters, which is why it is one of our favorite cheap clothing brands. They have a huge number of sock models for all tastes. These include classic white models, others to wear with formal clothes, sports or with a small cut so that they are not visible.

Among their best-selling models are those that use HEATTECH technology (also available for children and babies) that are especially good for cold climates since they keep the foot warm and do not generate bad odors. They are not expensive at all since there are models from $5 dollars per pair.

Darn Tough

Socks are often the garments that wear out the fastest if they are not of good quality. To avoid this, you can opt for sock brands such as Darn Tough. This American company offers what few others dare to do: a lifetime guarantee on their socks. They are so confident in the high quality of their products that if they break (under normal circumstances) they will replace them with new ones.

They are not cheap socks (they cost from $20 per pair) but with that guarantee you can be sure that they are worth it. They also have quite striking and colorful designs as well as more casual ones. There are both formal and sports socks so you can have them for any occasion.


Falke has been one of the leading sock brands in Europe for over a century. The story of the company is truly impressive, starting with one man knitting socks for his family in the winter and growing into a large company with several factories. But they have not forgotten their origins, as in addition to maintaining their original headquarters, they continue to make their socks with great quality and attention to detail. Their fit is really perfect and they make you feel as if you are not wearing socks at all.

One of their best-selling models is the Airport, which is made from merino wool and regulates the temperature of the foot. They also have a luxury line that includes sock models made from soft Egyptian cotton. Something that makes Falke socks even more special is that you can personalize them with your initials for an additional fee. They only ship to countries in the European Union and the United States.


One of the most comfortable (and excellent for cold weather) materials that can be used for socks is wool. Smartwool is one of the sock brands that use this material, more specifically the exclusive merino wool.

They feel like wearing a sweater or jumper on your feet. They are very warm and ultra-comfortable and the best thing is that they have many types. For example, there are socks for snowboarding, skiing or climbing, but there are also ones for a normal day at home. They also have padded models so you can feel even better with every step. In their online store they have an application where they will recommend the ideal type of socks for you with a test.


Being one of the sports brands that has seen its fame grow the most in recent years, Lululemon has also earned this position for its good sports sock designs. There are socks for women and for men, designed especially for specific sports activities.

For example, they have socks for yoga (which you can also use for pilates) that have small plastic beads that help you not to slip and have better balance. There are also models designed for running with greater support and made with breathable fabrics. There are also models for skiing, to wear to the gym or just to use on a normal day. They are not the cheapest on the market, but they are among the best quality.


UGG is an American brand of boots and footwear designed for the cold. Although many people think that it is an Australian brand, this is not true even though it appears in the name; it was founded by an Australian businessman. In addition to being one of the best brands of boots, they also sell socks.

The vast majority of the sock models they have are also designed to be used in the cold (and to match their boots) so they are quite warm. There is nothing better than a pair of socks that warm your feet during the coldest months of the year, and UGG’s are a good option since in addition to being made with first-class materials, they are quite nice in terms of their design.

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American Trench

American Trench is a brand that seeks to make its point of differentiation the emphasis they put on how their products are made. Everything is made locally, in American factories, with the best materials on the market. They make clothing such as t-shirts, jackets, pants, or coats, but it is also one of the socks brands most recommended by its customers. It is one of their best-selling products and they have something for everyone.

Something interesting is that they have socks made of various types of materials such as wool, cotton, alpaca (excellent for the cold) or if you want something really special you can buy luxurious cashmere. And if you don’t want to choose between their many models, they offer a surprise bag with several of their best-selling styles.

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