Best Cap Brands in the World: Sports and Casual

Get to know the best cap brands in the world: discover sports cap designs, casual models and even luxury brands

A cap is no longer just an accessory to protect you from the sun, but a piece that can change a look. The classic baseball cap has evolved to levels unimaginable a few years ago, so much so that major luxury brands include them in their collections.

Whether you prefer a simple but high-quality model, something sporty from your favorite team but that looks special, or something much more striking, you will find something you like in our list of the best cap brands in the world.

Best Cap Brands in the World: Sports and Casual

Most Famous Cap Brands

New Era

There is no doubt that New Era is one of the best and most famous cap brands in the world. They have been making this particular product for over a century and its popularity is growing more and more. And they are the creators of the modern baseball cap that even if you don’t like this sport, everyone knows.

The model is called 59FIFTY and was one of the first to have the visor part flat and not folded. It is the official cap brand of Major League Baseball teams and many other professional sports leagues such as the NFL or the NBA.

But obviously baseball team caps are still the most popular. In addition to the classic designs of each team, every year they release special editions for holidays as well as other limited edition caps with a more casual style. Not only do they have sports team caps but almost anything, whether from TV series like Stranger Things, Rick & Morty or superhero movies. There are many cap cuts and they have them in different sizes so you can find the ones that best suit you.


They cannot be compared to New Era, but within the same style 47 Brand is one of the cap brands that has grown the most. They have their origin in the city of Boston where the D’Angelo brothers began to produce products for the local baseball team: the Red Sox. And since caps were the product that sold the most, it was the one they decided to specialize in. Now 47 Brand produces caps with MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and college team logos.

Although they are not the brand used by athletes during games, 47 Brand caps are completely original and official since they are licensed by the leagues. It is because they specialize more in casual style caps (all the styles they have are impressive) and they can complement a streetwear look very well. They are also cheaper than New Era ones, costing about $30 dollars on average. In their store you can also buy other types of products such as sweatshirts or t-shirts.

Goorin Bros.

There are more and more people who wear trucker hats with images of animals. The brand that created them and continues to be very successful is Goorin Bross. Caps with mesh on the back have been on the market for years and years, being lighter and cooler than baseball style ones.

The ones with the photo of a rooster were the ones that became the most famous. But now they have a lot of animals available in their The Farm collection like dogs, sheep, wolves, eagles and more. They are not very expensive, they cost about $40 dollars, but given their popularity other cap brands have released similar designs.


They may be specialists in extreme sports, but that doesn’t mean Volcom can’t be part of our list of the best cap brands. Quite the opposite, although they make clothing and equipment for surfing, snowboarding or skating, the American brand also makes very high quality caps. They are quite comfortable and due to their good materials and manufacturing processes, the brand promises that they will last a long time.

There are quite a few models that include some water resistant, others ultra light, more classic designs, trucker style or with different types of logos and prints. Furthermore, their prices are not very high since they cost around $35 dollars.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios is one of the Scandinavian fashion brands that has been the most talked about. Clothing brands from Sweden and neighboring countries have achieved great notoriety for their style that combines sobriety with modernist touches. This can be seen in their caps since Acne Studios is one of the brands with the most interesting designs. They do not abuse logos like other brands and on the contrary they are striking due to their very simplicity.

For example, they have models of washed cotton caps in unconventional colors for this type of accessories, such as pink or khaki or with a striped pattern, as well as others made of denim fabric. These can go alone or with a small logo of a serious face. They are not cheap at all, since any of their models cost more than $150 dollars.


The American brand Herschel not only sells backpacks but many other products. Many people only know them for this article but they also produce clothing and other accessories such as caps. They are light and comfortable and are made in many different colors. Like their backpacks, they have caps with the brand’s logo, or the diamond one that is also very characteristic of this brand.

They are not expensive at all and you can combine them with the color of your backpacks. There are several models available, including trucker style and even sizes for babies and toddlers.


AMI Paris, designer Alexandre Matiussi’s brand, is one of our favorite men’s clothing brands. But it also stands out for its collection of accessories including caps. What makes them special are the materials with which they are made, since they are high-quality fabrics such as indigo or cotton twill, always accompanied by the now classic logo of the brand that combines the letter A with a heart.

If you want something that is a little more original you could choose a checkered cap, or a fisherman’s hat that is good for the summer. They are all made in Italy or Portugal by hand so their price is not cheap at all (more than $150 dollars).

Stone Island

Using fabrics with the highest technology and without forgetting a good design, the Italian brand Stone Island is one of the best when it comes to technical clothing. But this also extends to caps, being one of the most sought after brands for its great quality. They use the same materials as their clothing, such as Econyl, which is recycled nylon and keeps you cool and dry even when it’s very hot.

Stone Island caps also have small holes that allow air to pass through. Another of their best-selling models is the one that uses SHELL-R_E.DYE® technology, which is water and wind repellent, but is no longer breathable.


The luxury brand of the twins Dean and Dan Caten also bring the designs of their famous t-shirts to their caps. There are also luxury brands that sell pretty cool caps, such as DSQUARED2. For example, you can find his famous ICON phrase on his cap models, which are available in various colors (being the same one used by Jamie Tartt in the first season of the Ted Lasso series). There are also other more striking designs that have made the Italian-based brand famous.

Almost all of them have the name DSQUARED2 but in different, quite original variations (many of which also include the maple leaf, Canada being the country of origin of the designers). Being a luxury brand, it is not surprising that it has quite high prices since a cap from this fashion brand costs between $150 to $200 dollars).

Mitchell & Ness

We return with the brands of sports style caps and this time we are going to talk to you about Mitchell & Ness. But this brand has something that makes it special and that is that its products have a retro theme. This is why if you want a jersey, t-shirt or cap with a style that your favorite team used in the 80s or 90s, you can opt for the Mitchell & Ness collections.

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They were born as a normal sports brand, but they gave it a twist when they saw the demand for sports clothing that aroused nostalgia. In addition to clothing, their caps have also become famous. This is because in addition to having retro designs, there are some more current ones that give a twist to classic team caps.

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