Discover The 10 Best Selling Women’s Perfumes In The World

What are the best selling women’s perfumes? Perfume is a fundamental item in the feminine universe. It is something delicate and strong at the same time. Some perfumes are famous for pleasing all senses of smell and producing wonderful effects on people.

For a perfume to achieve worldwide success, it is important that it has a seductive aroma. But, much more than that, it must also present great fixation, be pleasant from the entrance to the exit notes and be in accordance with the style of the person who chooses it. 

Through research, the 10 most sold perfumes in the world, in addition to being special, are highlighted by the quality found.

Discover The 10 Best Selling Women's Perfumes In The World

Perfume can be considered a great brand of personality and personal style, in addition to being an excellent option to gift women and please with the sensations of those who are the best sellers in different countries.

Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Perfumes In The World

1. No. 5, Chanel

The French maison’s first fragrance was created 90 years ago by Gabrielle Chanel, who described it as “a woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent”. It combines touches of ylang ylang, jasmine, May rose and aldehyde, the first synthetic note used in an essence. “Extracted from oil, the ingredient enhances the aroma of flowers”.

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2. Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel

Created thirteen years ago, it was born with the mission of establishing Chanel among the favorite brands of young women. Inspired by two renowned fragrances from the house, Chanel Nº 5 and Coco, it gained the addition of fruity notes, such as orange and bergamot, which ensured a more modern character to the perfume. 

The final touch on the successful recipe came with the bottle: pink, to appeal to girls, and with a similar shape to Chanel Nº 5.

3. J’adore, Dior

Since its launch in 1999, the French brand has invested heavily so that J’adore is linked to a universe of luxury and wealth – starting with the advertisement published at the time, in which a model submerged in a pool of gold. The shape of the bottle recalls the neck elongated by necklaces of the women of the Masai tribe, in Africa. 

Peach, orchid and mandarin are the notes of the essence that, until today, has already originated four other versions.

4. Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue

In 2001, Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana developed a perfume that, like few others, was quickly successful. “It combines notes from different olfactory families, such as fruity, floral and woody, but none of them stands out. 

This ensures a delicate aroma, which is widely accepted among women all over the world. To compose the essence, touches of bamboo, jasmine and green apple are mixed.

5. Good Girl, Carolina Herrera

Good Girl is a powerful and sensual fragrance. The fragrance was inspired by Carolina Herrera’s unique vision of the modern woman: audacious, sexy, elegant and enigmatic. Always crossing boundaries. The perfume is a weapon of feminine seduction that reveals its good side through the luminous facets of Tuberose and Arabian jasmine. Satisfy her bad side with the addictive notes of roasted tonka bean and cocoa.

6. La vie est Belle, Lancome

For those who understand a little French, the name of this perfume speaks for itself: Life is beautiful (expression “La vie est belle”). By far one of the best women’s perfumes of all time. It owns an emblematic sweet, which perfumes the environment without becoming cloying thanks to its such projection. 

The fragrance has the elegance of iris with the intensity of patchouli, together with the sweetness of praline. The floral notes are composed of iris, jasmine and Tunisian orange blossom, adding sublime absolutes.

7. Chance, Chanel

Building on the success of Coco Mademoiselle, Chance was launched in 2003 with the same purpose: to attract young women. For this, the bottle gained a more informal look and notes of cider and vanilla were included. It’s what they call olfactory memory. 

The structure of the perfume remains almost the same, making the woman recognize the scent. But the new notes bring freshness.

8. Trésor, Lancome

Trésor followed the same philosophy as Angel, by Thierry Mugler: escape the trend of fresh fragrances and invest in a striking essence. Created in 1990 to become a Lancôme symbol and since then on the bestseller list, it brings notes of sandalwood, musk and amber. 

The success was such that other brands were inspired by the perfume to create moisturizing lotions and shampoos.

9. Olympia, Paco Rabanne

An extremely feminine scent. A demigod, but a woman above all. Olympéa is a unique olfactory adventure, at the crossroads between the sensuality of a salty vanilla accord and the freshness of floral notes. A fresh oriental in which green mandarin awakens the senses, driven by the floral and aquatic essences of ginger, lily and hydroponic jasmine. 

Tempting, daring and absolute nature. The sensual and luminous salty vanilla accord brings addictive magnetism, amplified by an amber and sandalwood accord.

10. Miss Dior, Dior

The fragrance of boldness, renewal and freedom. Miss Dior is a trail and a face. A pulsating and sensual heart. Vivid and colorful, you will appeal to Miss Dior’s floral charm. Its top notes of spicy red fruits are playful and striking. At her heart, a sublime duet of Grasse roses and damask roses embraces a sensual peony accord. This thriving infinity of fresh flowers is comforted by a base of white musk notes.

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These are the top 10 best selling women’s perfumes for you to steal the show with, they are also expensive which makes them reserved for those who value uniqueness.

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