How To Choose Women’s And Men’s Underwear?

Check out this article even to find out the best method on how to choose underwear that’s right for you! Knowing how to choose women’s and men’s underwear is essential, as we spend all day with it and also at night. 

Therefore, underwear needs to be quite comfortable and of excellent quality. Bringing these two fundamental features together in a cost-effective piece can be the hardest part.

How To Choose Women's And Men's Underwear?

That’s why we have separated some tips to help you choose underwear without any problems. 

See below what to consider when making your choice of women’s underwear and men’s underwear. 

How to choose the right underwear?

First of all, there are some points that need to be analyzed when choosing the ideal underwear. Let’s see which are the main ones:

  • Evaluate the fabric;
  • Take into account your own style;
  • Focus on models that enhance your curves;
  • Know what your measurements are;
  • Comfort above all.

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You will certainly need this information to make the best choice of types of underwear to buy and not regret it.

5 models of women’s underwear 

When choosing underwear, whether Lingerie or Women’s Underwear, keep an eye on the following main pieces: 

1. Lingerie

Lingerie, in fact, are pieces made of noble fabrics such as lace, silk and others. A lingerie usually has some transparency and embroidery, that is, it is a more elaborate piece than a set of cotton panties and bra.

2. Boxer panties

Boxer panties are considered very comfortable underwear, especially for staying at home, or more comfortable. 

This is the strong point of this type of underwear: comfort. As a form of “shorts”, it does not tighten in the groin area. It is possible to use with clothes without marking, just that they are wider or with a thicker fabric.

3. Cup bras

Bulky bras can be any woman’s best friend. They are also great to give that “lift” as there are several situations in which the breasts can sag a little like after breastfeeding, rapid weight loss or even advancing age. 

In addition, there are even padded bras that have padding inside, which makes the breasts even more beautiful, especially with some kind of cleavage.

4. Bras without cups

Bras without Bulge are excellent to use at home, as they can offer greater comfort and practicality in everyday life. They are more suitable for women who have large breasts, as the bra without cups does not increase the volume.

Currently, there are several beautiful options, made completely with lace and that become the star of the look, no longer hidden under clothes.

5. Top

The Top is a generic term used to identify shorter blouses that normally only cover the breasts and a little below the torso. 

Some of them look great worn, for example, with high-waisted pants and skirts, and if it’s all lace, even better. It can be used alone or with some transparency on top. They are great for enhancing the breasts and are best suited to use on summer days.

5 models of men’s underwear

Now it’s time for the best men’s underwear. After all, despite seeming simplistic, men do have several different models of underwear.

Check out the main ones:

1. Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are one of the most popular underwear models, especially among younger men. It’s the kind of underwear that manages to offer a more beautiful and sexy look. 

Be careful when using this type of underwear, especially with jeans, which tend to roll up and this can be a little uncomfortable and even cause diaper rash.

2. Thong

Also known as thong underwear, underwear is usually used by athletes, as it offers greater freedom within clothing to practice physical activity. 

Despite not being as charming as the boxer, it manages to offer much more freedom of movement and comfort.

3. Samba Song

In addition to being extremely comfortable and, therefore, widely used for a good night’s sleep or even to stay at home on the hottest days, the beach type underwear is an excellent option for those looking for practicality.

4. Underwear with Button

Well, you can also currently find models of Underwear with Button both at the waist and at the front.

They can bring advantages, especially for practicality. They are also very useful for post-surgical procedures, thus preventing the elastic from squeezing the region causing pain or discomfort.

5. Long Boxer

The Long underwear model is a counterpart to traditional boxer models. They also help protect against chafing between the thighs, so they’re great for men with thicker legs.

Choose your underwear according to the fabric

Understanding a little more about how to choose underwear involves the fabrics that each underwear is made from. After all, this has to do with quality and your comfort on a daily basis. In addition, you also need to think about the right fabric for each occasion.

So, read on and find out more about it.


It is the most suitable fabric to be used on a daily basis, especially because cotton does not leave the intimate region stuffy. In this way, it is easier to avoid, for example, the development of fungi in the place.

You will find not only cotton panties, but also bras and both bring a lot of comfort. But be careful, make sure the piece is made 100% cotton, as it is very common to find mixtures of different fibers.


Lycra is a material that provides a lot of comforts. In addition, it has greater elasticity, helping those who spend all day with the same piece, especially if they wear tighter clothes. 

It is a great option, for example, for those who wear more dresses, as it does not mark as much and there is no greater need to keep the intimate region ventilated.


One of the great advantages of Viscose is that it absorbs sweat easily and thus transmits a greater sensation of freshness throughout the day. It is the type of fabric that dries quickly unlike, for example, cotton.

Therefore, it is excellent for those who work with a lot of movement on a daily basis, especially if it is outdoors.


Of all fabrics, without a doubt, silk is the most luxurious. It is the type of underwear that exudes elegance and it is not by chance that many look for pieces of this fabric for special occasions.

In addition, like cotton, silk is also recommended for continuous use as it is a 100% natural fabric. The problem, really, is finding pieces that are really 100% silk.


It is not a very luxurious fabric, however, it is thinner than silk and therefore can be considered one of the best fabrics for lingerie.

Here we have a mix of materials. Typically, microfiber is a composition of 80% polyester plus 20% polyamide. This manages to offer those who use it excellent comfort on a daily basis.

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Care tips on how to sterilize underwear

First, if possible wash your hands. This serves not only to keep the pieces with quality for longer, but also for better hygiene. Want another tip? Do not mix with other clothes, not even yours!

The garments that we use on a daily basis are exposed to other types of microorganisms, so prevent them from coming into contact with the underwear.

Always look at the label to keep the garment looking good longer and be thorough when rinsing (make sure you remove all soap) and drying each item.

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