Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Models In Nigeria 2022 Ranking

The modeling industry in Nigeria is thriving a lot and has seen some significant growth over the years. But more importantly, the Nigerian modelling industry has so many beautiful models.

If you are currently curious to find out the most beautiful female models in Nigeria, you will find the information you’re seeking in this post.

Some of these beautiful models have been in the industry for over a decade. So it’s not just about being beautiful and attractive, they have built a reputable and successful career as models.

Without any further ado, here are the top 10 most beautiful female models in Nigeria:

Most Beautiful Female Models In Nigeria

1. Agbani Darego

Aside from being Nigeria’s most famous female model, Darego is an undisputed beauty queen. She’s often admired for her exceptional dark skin and beautiful dentition. Born in the year 1982, this talented model fell in love with modelling during her college days. She rose to stardom after winning the “Miss World” beauty pageant that was held in China.

She became the first native African to win the pageantry. After this achievement, Darego became well recognized and respected across Africa and in other parts of the world. To this day, she’s considered one of the most beautiful female models in Nigeria.

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2. Iheoma Nnadi

Iheoma is another beautiful and successful female model in Nigeria. She has been active in the Nigerian modelling industry for about a decade. She rose to fame in 2014 after emerging winner of the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria Pageant Show (MBGN). Winning this trophy paved the way for her in the industry, as she was presented with several opportunities from stakeholders in the beauty and fashion industry.

As of today, Iheoma is not just a model. She’s now a successful businesswoman doing very well for herself in the country.

The 26-year-old model is currently married to Emmanuel Emenike, one of Nigeria’s most prestigious and talented football players.

3. Sylvia Nduka

Sylvia Nduka is a popular female model in the Nigerian modelling industry. Just like Iheoma Nnadi, Sylvia’s modelling career gained momentum after she won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria back in 2011. The Anambra-born beauty queen began to fulfill her dream of becoming a supermodel after she was crowned Nigeria’s most beautiful girl.

In the course of her career, Sylvia has partnered with several brands in the fashion industry, appearing in commercials and building a world of fame for herself.

4. Omawunmi Akinfesi

Coming from the Western part of Nigeria, is Omawunmi Akinfesi. She’s one of the most beautiful female models in Nigeria. She is recognized for winning the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in the year 2005. Ever since she earned this crown, she has used the opportunity to grow her modelling career and build a profitable business for herself in Nigeria.

Over the years, the beauty Queen has delved into other industries apart from the modelling industry. Although she was crowned Nigeria’s most beautiful girl more than 15 years ago, Omawunmi Akinfesi is still respected in the industry.

5. Sandra Okagbue

This is another beauty queen and model that is doing so well for herself in Nigeria. Well-known for her flawless skin and oval-shaped face, Sandra Okagbue is one of the most beautiful female models in Nigeria as of 2022. She kick-started her modelling career years ago and has remained consistent in showbiz.

Interestingly, she has ventured into the film industry. Fortunately for her, Nollywood has given her some good reception since she embarked on her acting career.

Another interesting thing about this beauty queen is the fact that she’s a baby mama to Flavour, one of Nigeria’s finest musicians.

6. Anna Banner

Anna Banner is a successful model and beauty queen in Nigeria. Her career gained prominence in 2013 when she was crowned the most beautiful girl in Nigeria. Her radiant fair complexion is one of her major selling points, enabling her to be open to so many opportunities in the fashion and beauty industry.

Like Sandra Okagbue, Anna is no longer just a model. She has now ventured into Nollywood, starring in several Nigerian films.  

7. Oluchi Onweagba

This Lagos-born model is gradually becoming an icon in the Nigerian modelling industry. She began her career in Lagos state but is now recognized across the country and in other parts of Africa.

As an award-winning supermodel, Oluchi keeps getting better at what she does. She has also expanded her personal brand by moving into the movie industry. Although she hasn’t starred in many blockbusters, she’s doing well for herself as an actress.

8. Yaya Dacosta

Yaya Dacosta is a top Nigerian beauty queen born and raised in the United States, precisely in New York City. She started chasing a modelling career in her late teens and eventually ended up as a runner-up in Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Models.

This achievement announced Yaya as her modelling career began to experience significant growth in America.

Even though was born in America, she’s of Nigerian descent. That’s why she’s on this list as one of the most beautiful female models in Nigeria.

9. Olajumoke Orisaguna

Olajumoke Orisaguna is another beautiful female Nigerian model that is doing well for herself in the industry. Although she was born in Osun State, she started chasing her modelling career in the streets of Lagos by attending auditions and seeking small opportunities to appear on a runway or advert.

Fortunately, the young and beautiful model began to taste success in the modelling industry after working hard for a couple of years.

Even though she never won any pageantry unlike other models, Olajumoke Orisaguna has been able to pave the way for herself as a successful Nigerian model. At the moment, she’s not only focused on modelling. She’s involved in acting and other aspects of showbiz.

10. Adeola Ariyo

This is another successful female model in Nigeria that has succeeded without participating or winning in any Pageantry. According to her story, she gained prominence as a model because of her exceptional beauty and hard work.

Although she’s not one of those models you often see on the runway, Adeola Ariyo is succeeding in other aspects of modeling, especially as a face model.

She got one of the biggest achievements in her career after becoming the brand ambassador for Elizabeth Arden’s cosmetics. Amazingly, she happens to be the first African to earn this brand endorsement.


Are female models wealthy?

Female models like Agbani Darego are actually wealthy. These are models that are making money from endorsement deals, editorials, acting, among others.

How much can a female model make in a month?

The amount a model makes per month depends on how big and successful the model is. If a model is very popular, she could make millions of Naira each month.

Is the Nigerian modelling industry successful?

The Nigerian modelling industry can’t be compared to that of the United States when it comes to growth. However, that doesn’t alter the fact that the modelling industry in Nigeria has seen significant success over the years.  

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Final thoughts on the most beautiful female models in Nigeria

There are hundreds of beautiful female models in Nigeria that are doing well. Notwithstanding, this post has covered the top 10 models in the game. If you want to know more about the aforementioned models, you can do your in-depth research on them individually, studying their biography and journey in the modelling industry in Nigeria.

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