Best Children’s Clothing Brands in the United States

With fun and fashionable designs we will tell you which are the 10 best clothing brands for girls and boys in the United States

Children’s fashion has taken an impressive turn in recent years. Not only have many new brands emerged, but also both traditional and more modern ones have changed their style adapting it to current times. Girls and boys now want to decide what they wear and how they like to dress and not so much what only their parents prefer.

Best Children's Clothing Brands in the United States

Here we will show you 10 of the best clothing brands for girls and boys in the United States. We have chosen brands with modern and fun styles that will be the favorites of the little ones.

Cotton:On Kids

From Australia comes one of the brands that are doing the best in terms of children’s clothing in the United States. We are talking about Cotton:On, a fashion brand that has taken the market by surprise by opening dozens of stores throughout the country. Although they also make clothing for adults, they have stood out for their clothing stores exclusively for children. It has earned a place among the favorites of girls and boys for its very original designs.

They have eye-catching and colorful prints available for various types of garments. That is why if you liked one in particular you can use it either on t-shirts or blouses or even swimsuits, shorts or dresses. Something very good that the brand offers is the youth section designed for girls and boys aged 10 and up who no longer want to continue wearing a more childish type of clothing and prefer something more modern and youthful.

It is very possible that children will continue to like this fashion brand as they grow, since Cotton:On is also part of our list of the best clothing brands for teenagers.


With more than a century dressing generations and generations of girls and boys, OshKosh B’gosh is without a doubt one of the most traditional and famous children’s clothing brands in the United States. When so many fashion brands come and go (and even more so when talking about children’s fashion), the fact that this one has so much history must be for a reason.

Overalls have always been their most famous item of clothing, but for older children the options are endless. For example, we can mention that for girls they have very cute blouses that they can combine with short denim to look fashionable or for boys a look with jeans and a short-sleeved shirt, among many other designs.

The best thing is that their prices are not bad at all and they continually have special promotions. Although they focus more on baby clothing, you can also take a look at their sister brand: Carter’s.

It is one of the most famous in the country and although many people think that they only make clothes for babies under 2 years old, the reality is that there are models for up to 14 years old. The best thing is that they usually share a store with OshKosh so you can see both collections at the same time.

Abercrombie Kids

Abercrombie & Fitch is one of the best-known fashion brands in the United States. Everyone knows its somewhat luxurious and casual style with sophisticated touches. They have been selling clothes for more than 130 years and do not lose their status at the top of North American fashion.

Its children’s version, Abercrombie Kids, has had great success maintaining the same type of style in its clothing known as classic cool. So much so that they have their own exclusive physical stores.

It is one of the favorites of slightly older girls and boys since the style is practically the same as that of young people. With this they can develop their personality and own style by choosing their own clothes and not those chosen by their parents.

This is noticeable, for example, with the printed Abercrombie Kids t-shirts in which she will not see so many animals or unicorns, but rather rock, video game or other more sober logos. It is also one of the best to buy jeans that are durable and have good types of cuts.

Old Navy

Good and fun designs without paying a lot. It’s what makes Old Navy one of the best children’s clothing brands in the United States. Here children can choose quite cool combinations and their parents or relatives will not have to pay much for them.

Starting with kids, they can have jogger shorts and a tank top for less than $15. Or, for girls there are pretty pretty midi dresses for less than $20 or for the cold season a printed sweatshirt for a similar price.

You can also buy packs and save more, such as one of t-shirts for less than $20 dollars. In addition, there are special collections for holidays whether Easter, Halloween or Christmas. It is owned by GAP, which also has good children’s fashion designs. You can dress the whole family with the same brand, since there are good models for all ages.


There are very good clothing brands that produce children’s fashion in Great Britain, such as Boden. They have a rather curious history since they earned a name in their country of origin thanks to their fashion style imitating that of New York, which later led them to also be known in the country from which they were inspired.

Although they make designs for adults, we will focus on their children’s fashion collection. They have two principles: making clothes that last (something very important with children’s clothing) as well as being original.

And boy do they achieve it since they use materials of the highest quality and combined with a sophisticated but at the same time lively design they manage to be part of the best children’s clothing brands in the United States. It is ideal for a very special gift or to buy clothes that can be passed down to younger siblings or cousins ​​since their designs do not go out of style.


A great alternative to fill girls’ and boys’ wardrobes without spending more is Primark. This Irish fast fashion store is known for being very cheap and having beautiful designs. Maybe the quality is not comparable to that of other stores, but it is not bad at all.

There are models for girls and boys, both for those who prefer a more classic or not so striking design, and for those who want clothes with prints of their favorite shows, singers and movies.

They have licenses for Disney movies, Netflix series or even Justin Bieber and video games like Minecraft. As we said before, their great advantage is the prices since you can buy a girl’s dress for $16 dollars or a set of t-shirt and shorts for children for $21. At the moment they do not have an online store, but they increasingly have physical stores at throughout the United States.

Hanna Andersson

If you read our list of the best baby clothing brands in the United States, you will see that Hanna Andersson is one of them. But they not only sell clothes for the little ones, they also have excellent designs for older children. This brand is not cheap, but it is one of the ones with the best designs that parents and obviously children like both. If you are looking for clothes for girls you have to see the rainbow collection, with very original clothes in the colors of the rainbow.

For kids they have great sweatshirts, even some based on Spiderman and Star Wars. Their swimsuits are the best and they also sell t-shirts to protect them from the sun. We also highlight its activewear collection, designed for girls and boys who love to play sports or do any type of physical activity. As if that were not enough, they are famous for their combinable designs for the whole family, where children and parents can look the same for a family photo.

Janie and Jack

Renewing timeless classics, giving them a modern and fashionable touch is what makes Janie and Jack one of the most successful children’s clothing brands in the United States. They have many influences on their designs including styles inspired by the beach or life in the mountains or equestrian style clothing, but they always seek to make designs that the girls and boys themselves will like.

We started talking about their girls’ collection, and among all the children’s clothing stores, this is one of the ones with the best style and attention to detail.

This can be seen in their various models of jumpsuits, dresses or tops, in which in addition to having beautiful prints they add embroidered details or ruffled sleeves. While for children, their best-selling products are the button-down shirts, which range from classic designs in solid white or blue colors to giraffe animal prints. There are also exclusive designs designed for pre-teens.


Another of the big clothing brands in the United States that also has a good collection for children is J.Crew. This with its sub-brand known as Crewcuts. It follows the same style of the main fashion brand so you can expect a more classic and elegant style. What we like about this brand is its very wide variety of models since it includes everything from swimsuits, sportswear and even elegant linen dresses for girls or blazers for boys.

And if you are looking for children’s formal clothing, this is one of the best alternatives there is since J.Crew clothing is of quite good quality and there are very nice models that children can wear to weddings or special events. In addition to the online store, Crewcuts is available in the brand’s physical stores, including exclusive stores for the children’s collection in some outlets.


If you prefer to find a single store that sells several of the best children’s clothing brands in the United States, Maisonette is a great option. This multi-brand store has a very good selection of children’s fashion brands from all over the world. It is an ideal place if you want to buy clothes for a special occasion or something that can last longer and is of quality.

The only bad thing is that it is one of the most expensive stores on this list, but it is worth taking a look. There are pretty cool things like denim jackets for girls with unicorn prints, rain coats or even Italian wool vests. While for children, t-shirts with prints of cities around the world, colorful swimsuits and pajamas stand out. There are clothes from Spanish, Italian, Canadian and French brands, as well as small American brands like Egg New York.

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