10 Best Whitening Creams In Nigeria [+Current Prices]

Do you need to know the best whitening creams in Nigeria? Having fair skin is one thing, maintaining a fair complexion is a different ball game. A very good way to enhance your fairness and maintain glowing skin is by using high-quality whitening cream. In this post, we will be examining some of the best whitening creams in Nigeria that you can invest your money on to have beautiful radiant skin.

Some of these products might be expensive, but they definitely deliver on their promises to increase your fairness without destroying your complexion.

10 Best Whitening Creams In Nigeria [+Current Prices]

How reliable are whitening creams in Nigeria?

Truth be told, so many whitening creams claiming to be the ideal products aren’t what they seem. Many of them contain harmful chemicals that would damage your skin all in the name of trying to make you fair. Hence, they are not quite reliable.

However, that is the reason we have compiled this list of best whitening creams in Nigeria to prevent you from making the wrong choice.

All the products reviewed in this post are actually reliable. Thousands of people across the country have attested to the fact that these products work wonders, and they will transform your complexion (for the best).

Top 10 Best Whitening Creams in Nigeria

Here are ten whitening creams you won’t regret spending your hard-earned money on:

1. Fair & White (Gold) Tone Body Lotion

This is a foreign cream specially made for people who have fair skin. It is a body toning lotion that significantly increases your fairness within 14 days of consistently using the product; preferably applying the cream morning and night. It will help you rejuvenate your fading skin and restore your radiant colour.  One thing that makes this product amazing is the fact that it contains an AHA solution which is responsible for whitening and exfoliating dull fair skin.

The lotion also goes beyond whitening your skin to removing wrinkles and fine lines. Over time, this product prevents signs of aging, helping you to look much younger than your age.

2. Neutrogena Body Lotion

This whitening cream is a great choice for people with both fair and light skin tones. It boosts your fair complexion like crazy, bringing out that fairness and getting rid of dull skin. This is an amazing product but it may not be ideal for someone with dry skin. This is because the cream is not a moisturizer. It doesn’t contain any moisturizing agents that could make the cream greasy on your skin while applying it.

The whitening cream works much better on people who aren’t suffering from dry skin. Notwithstanding, Neutrogena Body Lotion is still one of the best whitening creams in Nigeria.

3. Jergens Natural Glow

If you are a lady looking for a safe and easy way to whiten your tender skin, Jergens Natural Glow lotion is the perfect choice for you. This product is very good at repairing dull skin and bringing out original fairness within a few weeks of consistent use. Just as the name implies, this whitening cream is formulated out of natural ingredients.

This means you don’t have to be worried about any dangerous side effects of using the products. Lotions with natural ingredients are usually safer than products made completely out of chemicals.

4. Nivea Extra Whitening

When it comes to body lotion, Nivea is not only one of the most popular brands, but it is also one of the best. The Nivea Extra Whitening lotion has been formulated to remove blemishes from the skin while increasing your fairness. For people with damaged skin and dull complexion, they can find solution in this product.

Due to the crazy number of positive reviews about this product, it is safe to say that spending your money on it would be a great investment. More importantly, the Nivea Extra Whitening lotion is not made with any harmful chemicals. It’s very safe for all skin types.

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5. Fair and Brite Cream

This is one of the best whitening creams in Nigeria. It helps to brighten up the skin color without causing any damage. This is because the cream wasn’t formulated with any harsh chemicals that attack the skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can use this cream without worrying about any reactions.

Another thing you must know about this product is that it only enhances your fairness and lighten your tone. It’s not a bleaching cream that would transform a Beyonce into snow white.

6. ZetaWhite

This product is being produced in the UK but we are lucky to have it distributed down to Nigeria. It is one of the best whitening creams anyone can spend money on. It’s available in almost every major supermarket across Nigeria. This product work wonders. It will whiten your skin within a few months of consistently using it (morning and night).

It also softens the skin and serves as a moisturizer to prevent the skin from getting dry unnecessarily. Also, it contains natural ingredients, making the cream a safe choice for your skin.

7. Amoils H-Age

Would you want to try a Whitening cream produced by FDA approved factory? You should definitely see what Amoils H-Age has in store for you. It is well known for having natural whitening agents that increase your fairness without bringing any side effects.

Although this product is an oil, it does what many lotion products can’t do. It gets rid of dark spots and discoloration on your skin.

8. Lotus Herbal White

Lotus Herbal white is one of the best whitening creams in Nigeria, and even in other countries where it’s recognized. It’s a tube cream specially formulated with natural ingredients for fair skin. Its main ingredients include milk extracts, mulberry, grape, and many more. Aside from making your skin lighter, it also moisturizes and protects your skin from harmful sun rays.

9. Extreme Glow Serum

Judging from the name of the product, it is clear that this whitening cream stops at nothing to make you quite fair. Despite how effective the cream is, it is made out of natural ingredients. This is quite rare because many fast-action whitening creams are made purely from chemical ingredients, which makes them unsafe for some skin types.

The extreme glow serum has a different story entirely. It is safe on the skin. It also protects the skin from UV rays and harsh weather.

10. Clean and Clear Fairness Cream

This whitening cream is one of the best on the market. It rejuvenates the skin complexion and keeps you glowing as long you consistently use the product. It is not very greasy when applied to the skin, hence, it doesn’t accentuate dirt.

More importantly, the cream moisturizes your skin and prevents dryness. You don’t have to be worried about having fair skin that is dry and hard. The cream would prevent all that from happening.  


Are whitening creams expensive?

Most whitening creams are expensive because of how effective they are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable ones.

Where can I find whitening creams in Nigeria?

You can find a variety of whitening creams in any large retail store in Nigeria, especially in big cities and towns.

Is it safe to use a whitening cream?

Using a whitening cream won’t cause your skin any harm as long as your skin is compatible with the product. Also, make sure you aren’t using a whitening cream formulated with harsh chemical ingredients.  

Final Notes: best whitening creams in Nigeria

Now that you have known some of the best whitening creams in Nigeria, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you perfectly. Nevertheless, if after you start using a certain whitening cream and you begin to notice some skin reactions, make sure you discontinue the use of that product.

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This could happen if you have sensitive skin. Sensitive skins are not usually compatible with a lot of body lotions and soaps, especially the ones not made from natural ingredients.

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