10 Best Sweatshirt Brands for Women and Men

Dress modern with an urban style knowing the best brands of sweatshirts for women and men with luxury and cheap brands

A sweatshirt can not only protect you from cold weather, but it can totally change a look. It is not for nothing that this type of garment has gained notoriety with the rise of the urban fashion style, a favorite of many young people.

With designs that are both discreet and simple and dazzling and attention-grabbing, your wardrobe needs several options for this garment. Here you will meet several of the best brands of sweatshirts for women and men with the most liked designs and something at all prices.

10 Best Sweatshirt Brands for Women and Men

The Coolest Sweatshirt Brands for Women and Men


Many luxury brands have ventured into casual fashion by introducing garments such as sweatshirts into their collections. Kenzo is one of them and one of those who know how to do it best. Although it has many models of sweatshirts and hoodies, there is one that is the most famous and popular.

It is the one with its famous and iconic tiger design accompanied by the brand logo. That one is always available (although the colors vary each collection) and it is a piece that never goes out of style.

As it is already one of its best-selling garments each season, Kenzo presents new and innovative designs both for those who prefer something more minimalist and many others that are more modern and eye-catching. But in addition to having such cool designs, it is one of the sweatshirt brands with the best quality, so it is worth the high price you pay (more than $350 dollars).


APC is one of our favorite men’s clothing brands and it’s no wonder since they have pretty cool designs. And one of the items they are best known for is their sweatshirts. You have more than 20 models to choose from (continuously updating) and there is something for everyone. What they have in common is that the brand name appears on all of them.

But you can choose if you like it to come out in small, medium or large, adding the address of the APC headquarters in Paris or even special models with Pokemon characters.

Their quality speaks for itself and they help you a lot in the cold season since they use materials that will keep you warm. All their sweatshirt models are uniex so they look good on both women and men. Being a premium (or affordable luxury) brand, their prices are high and a sweatshirt will cost you more than $300 dollars.


Nike’s popularity goes beyond sportswear and is already an icon of fashion in general. It is the favorite brand of millions of athletes, but they also have models that you can wear to go out and make a casual look 10. The American brand is also one of the most popular when it comes to sweatshirts and hoodies. They are worn by those who want to exercise in cold weather (or to wear after the gym) or also to combine with jeans.

You can even use them in both cases since even the most casual models are made with fabrics like Fleece or Dri-FIT that keep you cool and comfortable. As far as design is concerned, you will be able to see absolutely everything where Jordan designs stand out or special collections that you can combine with your favorite sneakers from the brand.

Adidas Originals

We continue with another of the best sports brands in the world: Adidas. But although its main brand also has very good sweatshirts, we will talk especially about its sub-brand known as Adidas Originals. The main difference is that they produce clothes with more design, but they are not designed for exercise but for casual wear.

It continues with a sports theme and with retro touches that its fans really like. It is an ideal brand for street style fans because of its loose-fitting garments that look extremely cool and are very striking. It has gained notoriety with football fans for its retro collections of the teams the brand wears. What it does have in common with its main brand is that in both cases they maintain good, high-quality fabrics.


Superdry is an English brand, inspired by Japanese fashion, which is famous all over the world. It already appears on our list of the best brands of printed t-shirts and cannot be missing with its sweatshirts as well. Their designs are very original, and although they all feature the brand name, they are quite good.

They are all hand drawn by their design team that seeks to innovate each season. You will be able to see on their hoodies and sweatshirts many variants of the Superdry logo in a large number of colors, accompanied by other illustrations.

They range from forest silhouettes to anime-type drawings. But in addition to looking good, they are also very comfortable and durable. Plus they are not that expensive, around $70 dollars.


When you hear the word unequal it is clear that it means that he is not equal to others. And this name fits perfectly to this Spanish brand that offers an irreverent, original fashion style that cannot be compared with any other fashion brand. Maybe it is not a type of design that everyone likes, but if you want something that attracts attention and you like fashion full of color, with non-traditional cuts and unique prints, it is a wonderful option.

It can be seen quite well in their collection of sweatshirts for women and men. This with extremely fun prints and quite original color combinations. We really like their oversized hoodies (or hoodies) full of color and with prints ranging from floral to Mickey Mouse.


Swedish fashion is known for its sober, elegant and functional style. Asket is a clear example of this, since they bet on classic garments that do not go out of style. The company is so proud of its sweatshirts that they call it “The Sweatshirt” as they consider it to be the definitive example of what a garment of this type should be like.

They do not have logos or prints, just several shades of different colors, and they are of very high quality. Made from Egyptian cotton, they guarantee you a first-class product that has also been made in an environmentally responsible manner. Although they are not that cheap (about $100 dollars), both this and the rest of their products are quite comfortable and will last you a long time.


Although they have been on the market for many years, Champion has returned to fame for its urban or sports casual style. And it is already one of the best-selling sweatshirt brands in many countries since they are not very expensive and their designs are top-notch. Whether you want a regular sweatshirt or a hoodie (with a hat), there are many colors and types of prints.

The best sellers only carry the famous small brand logo, but they stand out for their vivid colors. But if you want a design where the logo or some special edition can be seen more (they have continuous collaborations with artists or with designs from TV series or movies) there are also many. They have special fabrics that are light but at the same time will keep you warm.

Blue Banana

Spain being one of the most important countries in terms of the fashion industry, it cannot be missing from the list of the best sweatshirt brands. This thanks to the urban fashion brand Blue Banana, which although it has not been on the market for many years, has had great acceptance. Its hallmark is the use of a multicolored X on its garments.

In the specific case of sweatshirts, it appears small on the front and large on the back. And the best thing is the large number of colors they have available, so you have a lot of variety to choose your favorite. They currently have shipments to all countries in the European Union, Mexico and the United States.

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The athleisure style has gained notoriety for a few years and does not seem to be an ephemeral fashion. Although there are brands like Lululemon that remain number 1 in that sector, there are also others that have climbed the ranks in the public’s tastes. Undoubtedly one of them is Alo, which began as a clothing brand designed to be used in yoga.

But you can use their incredible products for all types of physical activities or just to be at home. Soft on the outside and with a very pleasant texture on the inside, you have to take a look at their sweatshirts. There are more models for women than for men, but in all cases they are elegant and simple but at the same time they look and serve wonderfully.

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