Gray Hair: Causes, How to Disguise, Avoid and More

The appearance of gray hair is a natural process. It can happen to everyone depending on genetics and lifestyle, including habits such as smoking, alcoholism and a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, taking care of your health is essential to avoid premature graying.

To answer your questions about how to care for, how to avoid and how to disguise gray hair, we have prepared a complete article with several tips and comments, as well as recommendations on suitable products to prevent yellowing and dullness in your hair. Check it out below!

Gray Hair: Causes, How to Disguise, Avoid and More

Why Does Hair Turn White?

Hair turns white due to the absence of the melanocyte cell, responsible for producing melatonin. As we age, our body naturally stops renewing this cell. This process, called melanogenesis, causes the hair to turn gray.

In addition to the natural physiology of hair, some lifestyle-related situations can also contribute to the increase in gray hair, such as high levels of stress, which generate oxidation in the body, and smoking and alcoholism, which accelerate the loss of melatonin.

White Hair Appears at What Age?

The appearance of gray hair depends on each person’s genetic characteristics. Genetic loads can be hereditary. Therefore, if everyone in a family has gray hair, it is very likely that their children will also have it, as the gene is dominant.

There are processes related to diet and habits that can bring more health to the hair and accelerate or slow down the body’s oxidation and, consequently, the graying of the hair. As this is linked to the aging of cells, gray hair can begin to appear from the age of 20 or 25.

The healthier your lifestyle, the healthier your hair will be. Check out some habits below that help delay premature graying of hair.

How to Avoid Gray Hair in Adolescence and Adulthood?

Although there is a genetic issue that cannot be changed in the appearance of gray hair in young people, it is possible to reduce the impacts of negative habits on the health of hair. Epigenetics suggests that, in addition to genes, environment and lifestyle also influence phenomena such as gray hair. 

Therefore, maintaining healthy habits is essential to slow down the hair-graying process, especially among teenagers and young people. We have made a selection of practices that will help the proper functioning of the body as a whole, producing positive effects on the hair:

  • Healthy eating: consumption of caffeine and pepper helps the vascular system to deliver nutrients to the tissues, increasing the vascular level and generating hyperemia, or increased blood volume, in the tissues.
  • Recurrent physical exercise:  enhances the functioning of metabolism and the body’s cellular repair power.
  • Hydration: water is essential for hydrating the skin and keeping cellular oxygenation working.

To strengthen your hair and keep melatonin production levels high, you can combine a healthy diet, physical exercise and hydration with the use of vitamins to delay graying. Check out our selection of some of the best options on the market in the article below!

Does White Hair Turn Black Again?

No, white hair does not return to its previous color, as the graying process means the natural absence of color-producing cells. However, it is possible to color your hair to make you feel better aesthetically or adopt white hair with pride!

There are also several cosmetics that stimulate the production of melanin in the hair, such as Octapeptidio 2. Incorporating the use of topical antioxidants into the hair, such as green tea, also helps control inflammatory levels and reduce the development of new gray hair.

What Turns White Hair Yellow?

White hair turns yellow with oxidation caused by sunlight or heat, in addition to the interaction of hair with heavy metals, which are very harmful to hair health. To remove the yellowness from your hair and ensure that much-desired white tone, you can use a toner for white hair.

The use of products with purple pigmentation, such as shampoos and masks for gray hair, also helps to reduce yellowness. In addition, you can also opt for light bleaching with bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide, which will fade the yellow and give your hair a lighter appearance.

How to Disguise White Hair?

There are several products that help to disguise gray hair, such as spray paints, for more emergency cases and quick coverage, and mascara brushes to apply to the strands and disguise roots or parts of the hair that are in the process of graying.

You can also opt for coloring with dye or toners, remembering that the ideal is to mix two colors: one that will be the base and the other that will provide the nuance. Gray hair requires special attention to the dye chosen. So, be sure to take a look at our selection below!

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We hope that our article has helped with your questions about how to care for gray hair and how to prevent it from appearing in younger people. We also talk about the best products to keep your hair platinum white, yellow-free, and shiny. Don’t forget to check it out!

Remember that the appearance of gray hair is related not only to genetics, but also to your habits and lifestyle. Therefore, invest in taking care of your health and reap the results. If you found our content useful, be sure to share it with more people!

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