What are the Most Expensive Brands of Tennis and Sneakers?

Get to know today’s most expensive tennis and sneaker brands with the most special and striking designs that you will surely love.

Sneakers or casual tennis shoes are the type of footwear that has become the favorite of young and not-so-young people. Comfortable, eye-catching, classic, there are all kinds of styles to choose from. Thanks to its popularity, various luxury brands have also chosen to manufacture their own models with high-quality materials and unparalleled design.

What are the Most Expensive Brands of Tennis and Sneakers?

In addition, cheaper brands usually release limited editions that are sought after by collectors and can cost thousands of dollars. In this article we will talk about the most expensive brands of tennis and sneakers that you should know and why they can reach such a high price.


The most famous sports brand in the world is partly famous for its tennis models. Nike is an American brand with more than 40 years of history and that has dressed many of the best athletes in history. Their sportswear is quite popular, but their sneakers are best sellers. In particular we are talking about two models: the Air Force One and the legendary Air Jordan. They were originally created to be used for playing basketball, however now they are considered casual shoes that you can wear everywhere.

None of these models, or the vast majority of Nike’s collection, are considerably expensive. But there are several models from special collections that make Nike one of the most expensive tennis and sneaker brands in the world.

We are talking about collaborations that the brand has had either with luxury brands, artists and other limited editions that not only have a higher price when you can buy them in store, but on resale their value can be multiplied. For example, the model they released with Dior now reaches a price of more than $15,000 dollars, or those of their collaboration with Off-White more than $10,000. Even ultra-limited editions have cost more than a million dollars at auction.

Off White

With details such as the striped sole, the label in the lace area and its famous arrow logo, Off-White is one of the most recognized fashion brands when it comes to tennis or sneakers. The brand is one of the favorites of young people and you can see its designs all over the world. Its cheapest model is the vulcanized one, which is offered in black and white, the brand’s characteristic colors (it costs around $400 dollars).

But there are several other models for both women and men in a wide variety of styles and shades. For example, they have the Out of Office, with prices ranging from $550 dollars, and they have several color combinations as well as some limited models such as Strass covered in small crystals and which costs $1500 dollars.


Surrounded by scandals, Balenciaga is not only one of the most controversial brands but also one of those that manufacture the most expensive tennis shoes or sneakers. They completely changed the identity that their creator, Cristobal Balenciaga, had given them, modernizing it (although too much for some) and creating garments and campaigns that, although controversial, are very striking.

This is the case of their tennis shoes for women and men, which are anything but classic in style. There are models with giant and futuristic soles such as the defenders (for $1,500), the graffitied Paris Low Top that cost $800 or the Track that take sports sneakers to another level that cost around $1,250. The most famous of all are the Speed ​​themselves, which simulate having an integrated sock; these cost more than $1,200 dollars.


Originating from Italy and with an extremely interesting, yet turbulent history, Gucci is one of the most renowned and famous fashion houses worldwide. It is one of the best known since just by seeing the combination of red and green colors or its famous monogram you can know that a garment, accessory or shoe is from Gucci.

It is also found with their sneakers where in many models you can see both these colors and the GG print. But they also have other types of styles.

For example, there is the Basket model, which has that name because it reinterprets the tennis shoes used by basketball players in the 90s (they cost $1000). While for women there is a model that is very popular, which is the MAC80 because it is a little more discreet and subtle where the brand logo gains relevance (with a price of $950 and up).


As we mentioned before, the legendary luxury brand Dior’s collaboration with Nike produced one of the highest-priced sneaker designs in history, but the brand also has good designs of its own. As a good exclusive brand, these are also quite expensive but stand out for their designs for all tastes.

For the women’s market they have models like the Walk’n Dior with different types of prints. If you want something more special you can choose the D-Connect which is a bit sportier and more fashionable, costing $1050 dollars.

The B27 are one of the most liked by men because they combine a classic style with modern details. They are made entirely of leather and cost more than $1,200 dollars. And their simplest and “cheapest” model (the only one under $1000) is the B101, which they have with both classic laces and slip-on.


When you’ve been making men’s shoes for over a century, you must have learned a thing or two. This is the case of Berluti, an Italian brand that for generations has made footwear of the highest quality. In addition to formal shoes (the Oxford type is the brand’s best seller) it is now also one of the most expensive tennis or sneaker brands in the world.

But their high prices are worth them, since each pair is made by the best artisans in the sector using excellent quality leathers. As we mentioned before, formal style shoes were what put them on the map, but now sneakers are what have led new generations to know them.

Their models have a somewhat classic style but with modern details that make them not go out of style and always look good. Like the rest of her collection, her tennis models are also made from the best leather on the market, with the Shadow and Playtime models being the best sellers. Of course, for something made with such good materials they are not cheap, costing between $1500 to $2000 dollars per pair.


As with its eternal rival Nike, special editions are what have made Adidas another of the most expensive tennis brands in the world. Their normal models, such as the Gazelle or the Samba, do not exceed $140 dollars. But if you want those from a collaboration that the German sports brand has had with another fashion brand or designer, you will have to prepare to spend much more.

We return to its classic Gazelle model, one of the best sellers, and whose reinterpretation by Yohji Yamamoto and his Y-3 brand costs more than three times as much as the normal ones ($330).

And the same model, but from the luxury brand Gucci edition costs $850. Returning to the Y-3 collection, this has been one of the most lasting and successful collaborations that Adidas has had. His followers love the futuristic but at the same time elegant style of both his footwear and his clothing. They are among the most expensive that the brand has with prices ranging from $300 to $600 dollars.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is not only one of the most expensive brands of bags and suitcases, but also of sneakers or tennis shoes. They have become one of their most popular products, having many types of models (more than other luxury fashion brands). There is a lot to choose from when it comes to sneakers for girls. If you want a modern and groundbreaking design you can choose the Archlight that costs $1,200 dollars.

For something more classic you can opt for the Time Out or the Run Away, both models available in various colors costing between $1,250 and $1,400 dollars. While for men, their most popular sneakers are the high-cut Trainer model, which ranges from a single color to illustrations. Their prices vary depending on the model and materials, costing from $800 to $100 dollars.

Golden Goose

Just by the drawing of a star, thousands of people identify Golden Goose tennis shoes and sneakers, one of the most expensive brands on the market. The Italian brand specializes in this type of footwear although they also sell clothing and other items. They sell more than a dozen different models, although the same type of casual and relaxed style prevails in most of them.

In almost all of them you will see his famous star, his most characteristic type of style being in white with details that make it look as if it were dirty. The most famous are the low-cut Superstar, although they also have high ones like the Francy.

They are all made in Italy, in an artisanal way, which guarantees their quality. Likewise, most are made of cowhide leather, with nubuck details, but they also have imitation leather known as vegan leather. Their prices start at $600 with some special models worth more than $1,300.


The Spanish luxury brand Loewe is another one that has entered the world of sneakers. Famous for their leather bags, handcrafted in their workshops in Getafe, they also have high quality footwear. This includes tennis shoes and sneakers, being another of the most expensive brands in the sector. But yes, you can expect a product with top-notch materials and an exceptional design. There are running shoes (being one of the brand’s cheapest, with a price of $400) or a more casual model that combines leather with nylon that costs more than $700.

But if you want something more striking and out of the ordinary, Loewe also has several extremely interesting options. For example, there is a model that simulates that it is covered in grass or others that look like their pieces are not joined together. These types of models are the most expensive, costing more than approximately $1500 dollars.

Common Projects

Moving away from the style of other more expensive tennis and sneaker brands in the world, Common Projects shines for its simplicity. Although today the most modern and outlandish styles are the ones that triumph in the taste of consumers (many times being among the highest priced), this American brand has a type of classic design, discreet but that does not go beyond fashion.

Its best-known model is the Original Achilles. It is made with high-quality Italian leather and, apart from a series of stamped numbers (which are the factory code and design), there is no major decoration.

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The rest of their collection is quite similar, where at most you can find the use of two-color leathers, but there is no doubt that for Common Projects, less is more. As for prices, there is no doubt that it is a luxury brand since its sneakers cost between $500 to $700 dollars depending on the model. They do not have an online store but they sell them in luxury department stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks, multi-brand stores or e-commerce stores such as Revolve.

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