List of the Best Casual Tennis Brands 2024 [Most Famous]

Get to know the best and most famous casual tennis brands to look comfortable and fashionable with footwear designs that are both modern and classic and timeless.

In this list we will talk about tennis or sneaker brands with a casual style. Although many brands are inspired by the designs of sports shoes, their footwear is not designed for sports, only to be comfortable and fashionable.

List of the Best Casual Tennis Brands [Most Famous]

This is the case of sneakers from luxury brands such as Balenciaga and Off White as well as some special editions from sports brands. This type of footwear has had a boom in recent years, combining good designs and comfort. That is why numerous luxury brands have decided to venture into this market and other fashion brands have revolutionized with modern designs or also betting on the classic.

We have prepared a list of the best casual tennis brands, both exclusive brands and other more affordable brands of great quality and design.

Best Brands of Luxury Casual Sneakers or Tennis Shoes


Since its relaunch a few years ago, Balenciaga was one of the first exclusive brands to bet on sneakers. And now it is undoubtedly one of the best and most famous luxury brands in tennis or casual sneakers. Balenciaga loves to innovate and dictate its own trends and just as its clothing designs are spectacular and provocative, its sneakers are up to par. Its most famous model is the Speed.

They are the sneakers that look like they have a sock or stocking included and that many other brands have wanted to imitate. They started with an elegant model all in black and some white details like the brand name.

They have evolved over time by adding more colors, different types of soles and making the “sock” part longer. The Triple S are another of their best-selling designs. It has a high sole with a futuristic appearance, being more similar to a sports shoe like the Runner. Balenciaga’s casual sneaker models cost from €800, being one of the most expensive brands.

Off White

Now we move on to the brand created by the late designer Virgil Abloh. We are talking about Off White, one of the most famous and recognized tennis brands of the moment. Their sneakers or casual tennis shoes are some of the most iconic in the world of fashion, especially streetstyle. They come in different designs and colors but certain details prevail in each of them. For example, you cannot miss its famous external label that identifies the brand as well as the use of the arrow logo.

Other details that have become a symbol of Off White are the use of black and white colors in their dreams and various phrases printed on the sneakers such as “For Walking.” Being a luxury brand, its prices are high, with its most basic designs ranging in cost from $300 to more than $600.

Valentino Garavani

Unlike the fashion part, the footwear section (including casual sneakers) maintains the last name of the designer who founded the brand: Valentino Garavani. And although their dresses and bags are still the best, the sneakers of this exclusive brand are others that are revolutionizing the industry.

They literally have something for every taste and style. Simple ones in black and white, others with rhinestones, camouflage style, in metallic colors or with a large logo. They have even produced some unique sneakers made of crochet. There are sneakers starting at €500 and although most are made of calfskin, there are several models made of synthetic materials.

Alexander McQueen

Following the death of the designer who gave its name to the brand, Alexander McQueen reinvented itself by introducing several of the casual tennis models that have attracted the most attention in recent times. Led by designer Sarah Burton, this brand is extremely popular when it comes to sneakers and other casual shoes.

They differ from other luxury brands by their oversized sneakers, meaning that they simulate being a larger size thanks to their very high soles (although if you buy them, don’t worry as you should choose your normal size).

They are very simple compared to those of Balenciaga or Off White by opting for a clean and classic style. Although there are also some more groundbreaking models, especially boots with motifs simulating graffiti or with transparent soles.

Golden Goose

A star is what distinguishes another of the most famous brands of casual sneakers like Golden Goose. And this symbol is in most of their models, giving their classic designs a touch that distinguishes them from other fashion brands. Its most famous model is the Super-Star.

They are what made this brand known and it has a timeless design that looks good with everything. There are everything from a classic white model with the star in various colors to other extremely diverse types of tennis shoes, including fun color combinations, dirty looks, and even animal print or demim.

If you are looking for something more striking, you can go for the Stardan, inspired by the sports shoes worn in the 90s by basketball stars. This brand originally from Venice, Italy has many models of sneakers whether you prefer low or high cuts with prices ranging from €400. The vast majority are made of high-quality leather, although there are also some that use other materials such as canvas and suede.

Casual Tenias Brands with Good Value for Money


Leaving luxury brands aside, we will now talk about Scalpers, a leading Spanish brand in the casual fashion sector for men in its country of origin and which is now seeking to conquer new markets. The brand started in 2007 and in addition to selling shirts and t-shirts, it has a great collection of casual sneakers.

Its combination of colors and materials (predominating the use of suede and suede) is very interesting and together with its famous skull logo they achieve some pretty cool designs that are the perfect complement to any relaxed look.

Their prices are around €100 and usually go down during sales periods, so it is well worth keeping an eye on them as they are undoubtedly one of the best tennis brands for men. At the moment their strength is the men’s market, however they increasingly have designs for women as well as children. They ship to Spain and the rest of Europe, as well as to the United States, Mexico and Chile.


We continue with Spanish brands of casual sneakers, but now we will talk to you about Hoff. This brand has grown like wildfire due to many factors. Firstly, for their very colorful and striking designs that each evoke a different city. And something very cool about this brand, born in 2017, is that on the sole of each model you can see a photo of the city that gives its name to the model you have chosen.

But in addition to that, they are very comfortable thanks to their memory foam insole. Another thing worth highlighting is that they use certified leathers from the Leather Working Group that guarantee their quality and that they are from sustainable sources. They are not that expensive since their prices are approximately €130, which is not bad at all for their wonderful design and quality.

Adidas and Nike

Both Adidas and Nike are experts in sports clothing and footwear, but they are also among the best casual tennis brands. Nike has several models that have been adapted from the world of sports, especially basketball, to a more streetwear style . Among these, the Air Force 1 and the Air Jordan range of sneakers stand out.

There are all the colors you can imagine, whether in simple white or black, to combinations created by athletes or other celebrities, as well as editions with pendants. They have also had alliances with several luxury brands, notably Louis Vuitton, Off White and Dior, adapting their models with details and characteristic signs of these fashion brands.

While with the German brand Adidas, one of its main collaborations is with the singer Kanye West for the different Adidas Yeezy models. Its ultra-modern design attracts a lot of attention and is one of the best sellers for the 3-line brand. The success they have had is impressive, reaching sales of more than $1 billion dollars in 2020.

However, its price is very high and depending on the model it can cost up to several thousand euros in special editions. But if you don’t want to spend so much there are many other models with good design and price such as the Superstar and Forum.


With dozens of casual tennis models at a good price, Converse is one of the brands that never goes out of style. Whether they are the fabric sneakers that made them famous or more modern ones, they have options for everyone and the best thing is that their prices are not very high.

There is a model that stands apart, the most iconic of the brand: the Chuck Taylor All Star. They take the name of the former basketball player who helped design them and precisely his original objective was to make shoes for playing basketball. However, it ended up being a type of unisex footwear for every day and a symbol in the fashion industry in general.

They sell them in all kinds of colors, there are editions with collaborations with different artists, TV series or you can even customize them to your liking. They are high cut, similar to basketball shoes. Although they are mostly made of fabric or canvas, they are also produced in leather. But there are several other models including the same Chuck but lower that have as a common denominator that they are a classic piece that can last you for many years and survive any new trend.

If you are looking for something more modern you can go for the spectacular Run Star Motion All Star (which appear in the main photo of this article). Currently Converse belongs to the Nike brand although they manage their operations separately.


With origins in the world of skateboarding and other extreme sports, Vans is one of the best brands of casual sneakers that you can wear even when you don’t practice these sports. The Authentic is without a doubt one of the most famous sneaker models in history. They have been on the market since 1966 and unlike sneakers from brands like Balenciaga, what stands out here is their simplicity. Simple lines, combining only two colors, a white sole and usually made of canvas, these sneakers are extremely versatile and more than anything timeless.

The Slip On are another model that you should not lose sight of. It is one of their classics and they are extremely comfortable since they do not have straps. They exist in all the colors you can imagine and in multiple prints, including several with images of movies and musical groups. There are other models of shoes made specifically for use in skateboarding with soles that stick better to the board as well as boots for use in the snow.


Puma is another of the great sports brands that are also famous for their casual sneakers. Although they make very good footwear for running, soccer and other sports, their more informal models are not far behind. Some of their best-selling models are the Mirage, Wild Rider and RS-Z. There is no end to its variants since there are high and low soles, one color or another with all the colors in the rainbow, classic or modern.

What will appear on everyone is the Formstrip, the famous design that appears on the sides of all their footwear almost as famous as their rising puma logo.

Motorsports fans will find many designs to like in the Motorsport collection. This since there are many inspired by the various teams that Puma sponsors such as Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull in addition to BMW and Porsche. Not only do they use the colors of each team but they also have their logo somewhere on the shoe and there are even those of star riders like Max Verstappen.


Fila is a brand with more than 100 years of history but that has regained its popularity in the last decade as one of the best casual tennis brands. It originates from Italy, but is currently based in South Korea. They have benefited from the rise of athleisure and its streetstyle clothing models. However, their casual sneakers are also quite famous. Although there are many made specifically for sports, their sneakers have great designs.

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You will love them especially if you are a fan of colorful sneakers that attract attention. The Oakmonts in particular are great and there are both for men and women. On the other hand, if you have a classic style, there are also other monochrome models (usually in white) that are timeless and always look good.

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