10 Best Streetwear or Urban Style Clothing Brands

Get the best streetwear look with the best clothing brands of this style: we will tell you which ones are the most outstanding, their prices and what they have to offer their customers

Streetwear fashion seems to have achieved its greatest fame in recent years, but the reality is that it is a style that has existed for several decades. It is clearly casual, relaxed clothing and is usually colorful. Furthermore, the use of prints stands out, either with the name of the brand in question or also with original designs that can cover the entire garment. These are generally oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts that you can accompany with a hat or some other accessory.

10 Best Streetwear or Urban Style Clothing Brands

The success of several brands has been such that they have even collaborated with luxury brands that want to join this movement that had its origin with the skater, surfer or hip-hop fashion style of the 90s. Here we will tell you which are 10 of the best streetwear clothing brands for both women and men, their prices and what makes them famous.

Brain Dead

We start with one of the most interesting streetwear clothing brands available today. We are talking about Brain Dead, a fashion brand that brings together designers from all over the world who put their ideas together to translate them into their urban style garments. They sell clothing for both women and men with a highly original design.

They are inspired by all kinds of things and you will see t-shirts made with combinations of various types of fabrics, others with extremely fun prints, jackets and pants with patches as well as blouses inspired by hippie fashion.

Their sweaters and jackets are quite cool, full of color and with a type of style that makes the brand stand out. It is not that cheap but it has competitive prices with t-shirts that cost a little more than $50 dollars, although they have jackets or pants that reach $400. They have their own physical stores in Los Angeles and Tokyo in addition to having a presence in the famous multi-brand store chain Dover Street Market.


Without a doubt Supreme is among the leading streetwear clothing brands worldwide. This brand was one of those that helped the most to make this style of clothing fashionable a few years ago. It is still in force with thousands and thousands of followers all over the planet.

Your clothes do not need to be flashy since just putting your logo on them will make them desired by many. They went from being a simple skateboard and skateboard clothing store to being sold for more than $2 billion dollars. A simple t-shirt with the brand name in red can cost a lot of money, becoming one of the most expensive in the sector.

But in recent times it has become a little more commercial and now they have some cheaper designs (for example, several of their t-shirts cost less than $50) than when they reached their peak of fame in 2017. Their type of style varies a lot now.

You can see sweatshirts with all-over prints, bright jackets or shorts with flames, even very simple shirts with only the small logo. It’s crazy all the types of collaborations they’ve had. This ranges from the Oreo cookie, the affordable underwear brand Hanes or multiple luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton.


Born in Oregon several decades ago, Nike wanted to gain a place in the sports footwear market. Over the years they are the best-selling and most famous sports brand in the world, dressing legendary athletes. But they have not stayed only in that type of fashion since they are also considered one of the most relevant streetwear clothing brands. If you visit their stores (whether physical or online) you will see that casual fashion takes up more and more space.

There are countless collaborations that the American brand has had with designers and other brands, creating quite striking garments. Within urban fashion, its most iconic collection is the Jordan, inspired by the iconic basketball player Michael Jordan.

In addition to sneakers, they sell t-shirts of all kinds, vests, shorts, pants and more. It is one of the ideal brands to give you a sporty casual look and it also has a good quality-price ratio.

Off White

Off-White are not only sneakers but they are one of the best streetwear clothing brands. If their footwear is generally quite flashy, you can expect the same from their clothing. Both its women’s and men’s collections include printed sweatshirts (costing $400 and up), varsity jackets full of logos (including the one with arrows that has become very characteristic of the brand) for up to $2,500 dollars, as well as cargo pants and oversized t-shirts.

But there are also several single-color models to create a total look in the same tone or also with the same type of print. There are also several types of accessories, be it a hat with the brand name, bags and even jewelry.

Comme Des Garçons Play

Japan is one of the countries where streetwear fashion has the largest number of followers. There are quite a few brands of this style that are originally from this Asian country, with Comme Des Garçons Play being one of the ones that has gained the most recognition. Maybe its name is not known to everyone, but its heart-with-eyes logo is. He became extremely famous either in t-shirts or sneakers (helped by his collaboration with Vans) varying in colors and styles.

You will see t-shirts (both short and long sleeves), sweatshirts, jackets and more, whether you want with a small or large heart, there is a lot to choose from. You can get Rei Kawakubo’s designs in stores like Farfetch or in department stores or luxury multi-brand stores. This since it does not have an official online store. Generally, a t-shirt costs around $75 dollars for the simplest models.


After being part of the Off-White team, designer Samuel Ross decided to create a project on his own. This resulted in one of many people’s favorite streetwear clothing brands: A-COLD-WALL. To differentiate himself from the other brand, the designer has been inspired for his collection by industrial design, British architecture or even the uniforms worn by the workers he saw on the way to work.

This creates really interesting designs such as sweatshirts that simulate being stained with paint, technical and other asymmetrical vests, or t-shirts in somewhat industrial tones such as gray and brown.

Their collections are limited to the men’s market, but there are pieces that can be considered unisex. Like any successful streetwear brand, A-COLD-WALL has had interesting collaborations creating sneakers and clothing designs with brands such as Converse, Timberland and Dr. Martens.


With the aim of taking streetwear clothing to another level, the creators of Aries have managed to have one of the brands that has become more relevant in the market. Its owners had already had experience in other similar fashion brands but they wanted to create something more exclusive and quality that at the same time had its own essence and would appeal to more people.

The result has been great since all their pieces are made with high quality materials in their workshops in Italy and at the same time they have achieved clearly urban designs.

These are inspired either by California surfers or by subcultures of the 70s and 80s such as Punk and Trash, as well as the skater community. Their different styles of t-shirts, button-down shirts, shorts, hats or oversized sweatshirts mostly include their Greek temple logo or their No Problem motto, among several other original designs. Since they use good materials and since they are handmade, their products are more expensive. A sweatshirt is priced at around $250 or a long sleeve t-shirt over $150.


Coming from New York, the Noah brand wants to change how the world sees streetwear fashion. Many think that this type of style is only for young people, but as its creators say, aging is not what it was before.

These days there is no longer a dress code based on age, but rather based on how you feel most comfortable. That is why this fashion brand creates its garments thinking about all types of audiences. It offers casual fashion for men but simpler and timeless.

They have either round-neck or polo-type t-shirts in vibrant colors (with dot and stripe designs) that you can combine with pants and shorts with fun tones and prints for a relaxed look. Another thing we like about Noah is his commitment to the environment. They are not considered a sustainable brand, but they do take actions to avoid contaminating as little as possible during the production of their garments. They also use durable fabrics in their clothing so that they can last a long time.


If you want to have a streetwear look and don’t have much of a budget, you can check out the collection of fast fashion brands like Uniqlo. As we have told you in this article, Japan is one of the countries where this type of style has the most followers. Therefore there are more fashion brands that offer this type of clothing.

This is also the case of this brand, which is the leader in the Japanese fashion industry. You can get good looks using only clothes from this brand that, although they mostly sell basics, are very combinable. In addition, their printed t-shirts don’t compare to other more expensive brands, costing less than $25 dollars. This is because they have striking and truly spectacular designs as a result of their collaborations with various artists.


To finish our list of the best streetwear clothing brands, we go to one that is a legend. Stüssy has been making clothing for more than 40 years and although its beginnings focused solely on making boards and clothing for surfers, it has evolved to be a reference brand.

But they have not lost their essence since the same signature of their creator that appeared on the surfboards continues to appear but now on sweatshirts, caps, t-shirts and more. They have also not abandoned the relaxed and easy-going way of the surfer lifestyle itself which is reflected in their clothing collection.

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Many of their most famous garments are printed with the Stüssy logo in conjunction with some other design, a t-shirt costing $45 dollars, while a sweatshirt costs $120 dollars. Although they have had several collaborations, the most successful has been the one they had with another of the brands on this list: Comme Des Garçons. They have achieved so much success that there are already 3 collections between both brands with a view to more in the coming years.

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