Mid-Range Clothing Brands with the Best Quality-Price

Find the best mid-range clothing brands to get good quality fashion designs without having to spend a lot.

There are clothing brands for all budgets and tastes. If you don’t want to spend so much on luxury fashion brands, but prefer something of higher quality than what fast fashion offers, you can opt for some of the best mid-range clothing brands that we will talk about in this article.

These are a little below the premium brands but they offer very good designs and are clothing brands with very good quality-price ratio.

Mid-Range Clothing Brands with the Best Quality-Price


We started talking about the best mid-range clothing brands with Nautica. This is one of the most traditional American clothing brands that reached its greatest popularity in the 90’s and 00’s. But it is still quite current since they have good clothing designs with pretty good prices for what you get. As you can imagine with that name, the brand’s style is clothing inspired by the sea and sailing.

Polo shirts for men are among the best sellers and are available in all types of styles. They are also known for their swimsuits and clothes that you can wear for sports. Their collection for women is not far behind and has dresses ideal for wearing to the beach, sweaters with their famous maritime style of horizontal stripes, shorts and more.


For many years Dockers was a brand only known for one type of garment. These are khaki pants, world famous for being a combination of formal and casual. But although today they continue to be one of their best-known and best-selling products, they have diversified.

In addition to pants in various styles and colors, they sell other types of clothing such as shirts and jackets for men or dresses and jumpsuits for women. In addition, Dockers has continuous collaborations with other brands and designers to create special collections.

They are one of the favorite brands of people looking for extra sizes, since they are one of the few that have larger designs. They are owned by Levi’s, another of the great fashion brands in the United States.


If you want a casual look but at the same time look elegant without having to spend a lot, you should see J.Crew clothing. This American brand has been on the market for several decades and is characterized by having a type of preppy and somewhat traditional design that looks quite good for both women, men and children.

But the good thing is that since this brand is one of the most outstanding in terms of quality-price ratio, you can get clothes that could seem like they are from a premium or even luxury brand with more affordable prices.

In summer you can see swimsuits, linen shirts and blouses or short printed dresses. While for winter, they have high quality sweaters and jackets, jackets, scarves and all kinds of clothing for the cold.

Lucky Brand

A lucky brand is always good to take into account. That is literally what Lucky Brand means, an American fashion brand that, in addition to being one of the best mid-range brands, is very prominent when it comes to jeans or denim pants. They are extremely comfortable and flexible, plus the price is not bad at all. But Lucky Brand sells everything, with a classic American style.

In addition to pants you can find pretty cool printed t-shirts, linen shirts and jackets. Their women’s clothing is quite good and you will love it if you are a fan of the boho style since many of their clothes are inspired by this type of design. They have had quite a few quite curious collaborations ranging from a collection with Coca-Cola or clothing inspired by the Yellowstone series.


Since 1984 Mango has been one of the most prestigious and famous brands in Spain. This is for having modern clothes, with good style and a good quality-price ratio. They have expanded throughout the world including the rest of Europe, Latin America, the United States and more territories.

For many people, it has better things when it comes to materials and design than its main competitor in its native country: Zara. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s still an excellent example of what mid-range clothing brands should be like.

This means that they look good, have more than acceptable quality and although it is not so cheap they have good prices.

They have all kinds of clothing and accessories from babies to adults. Dresses, t-shirts, shorts, suits, coats or clothing for pregnant women and large sizes. They also don’t focus on just one type of design so there is something for everyone’s tastes.

Massimo Dutti

We continue with Spanish mid-range clothing brands, but now it is time to talk about Massimo Dutti. They are part of the Inditex group, or in other words, they are Zara’s brothers. But they do not live in the shadow of the group’s main brand, but rather shine with their own light.

One of its main differences is that although it is more expensive, the quality of its clothing is higher. They use high-quality fabrics with good workmanship, which is why many experts consider them among the best brands in terms of quality and price.

You can expect a somewhat classic but elegant type of design that does not go out of style. Additionally, this brand is an excellent alternative to get formal clothing for an event since both its women’s dresses and men’s suits are quite beautiful and stylish.

Free People

Free People is the ideal clothing brand for free-spirited women who like feminine clothing, with character and bohemian-type prints or cuts. They are the cheap version of another famous brand for women in the United States: Anthropologie.

But they maintain the same type of boho chic style that celebrities and influencers love so much and that is one of the most seen at summer music festivals. Also, unlike their main brand, Free People has more youthful clothing since their target market is girls between 20 and 35 years old.

Dresses, both short, midi and even long, are their specialty. There are them with ethnic or flower prints, embroidery, draping and other characteristic boho models. You can complement them with a jacket and a bag from the same brand. And if you liked Free People’s style, you can’t miss their athleisure brand called FP Movement. This maintains the same type of design of the firm, but taking it to sports fashion.

Calvin Klein

Underwear, jeans, t-shirts with your logo. It doesn’t matter which type of garment you know Clavin Klein best for, but there is no doubt that it is one of the mid-range clothing brands with better things and more variety.

They do everything, and the truth is that they do it very well. They are an accessible brand that never goes out of style. You can have a look completely from this brand that specializes in casual fashion including jeans (they even have a brand specialized in this garment), t-shirt or blouse, sneakers and even underwear.

The latter is one of the best sellers that CK has for both men and women since they use soft and resistant fabrics in addition to having cuts for all tastes. As for the rest of their clothes, you will see that they use sober colors, perhaps not so striking, but combinable and that they always look good.

Urban Outfitters

Good prices, casual and modern designs, as well as a large number of accessories make Urban Outfiters not only one of the favorite brands of young people, but also one of the best mid-range clothing brands today. In fact, they are from the same owners as Free People, although their type of design varies with this particular store.

Although both seek to dress the young public, Urban Outfiters’ target is generally teenage and college girls and boys.

This is why their collection is totally casual, relaxed and without many pretensions. Printed t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, blouses and dresses, both simple models and other quite colorful ones, are part of what you will find in their stores. Their prices are not expensive and you will see many clothes that are in the trends of the moment.

Banana Republic

With a presence throughout the United States and several other countries around the world, Banana Republic is an extremely famous fashion brand. They are part of the same group that also owns GAP and Old Navy, this being the brand that offers the highest quality and best designed clothing.

But don’t expect high prices since their clothes are very affordable and fit perfectly into the list of the best mid-range clothing brands. There is a quite interesting mix of casual style clothing with something more formal in their collections.

That is why you can find everything in one place, most of them are somewhat classic designs but there are also some garments with designs according to the trends of the moment. And if you go to one of their outlet stores, you will find pretty good promotions and discounts that you won’t want to miss.

Original penguin

Colorful and eye-catching designs, good quality and a pretty good price. This is what makes Original Penguin one of the most interesting mid-range clothing brands for men. They have been on the market for many years, but it was not until about 15 years ago that they reached the peak of their fame.

This has been in part because of their polo shirts, which they have available in dozens of styles. There are all the colors you can imagine, plus in each collection they innovate with new types of prints that are quite fun and full of color.

These also extend to their shirts (both short and long sleeve) as well as swimsuits/swimsuits and accessories. Although the variety is smaller, they also sell women’s clothing with a sports-casual style, as well as some designs for children.

Armani Exchange

Several luxury fashion brands have cheaper sub-brands. This is in order to get a new customer base (who could later buy from your main brand), try new types of style and product as well as, obviously, get more resources. A good example of this is Armani Exchange, which earns a place on our list of the best mid-range clothing brands.

And it perfectly embodies what this segment means within the world of fashion: it is affordable, it is not of regular quality like some fast fashion brands but it does not reach the prices of premium or luxury brands.

Armani Exchange’s style is more modern and casual, comparing it to Giorgio Armani. In its collection you will be able to see t-shirts and sweatshirts with the brand logo, polo shirts for men or somewhat casual but tasteful dresses for women.

Ann Taylor

Although many women think that Ann Taylor is a fashion brand for a female audience over 40, the reality is that there are clothes for all ages. In particular, the company has pretty good basic clothing, since they have designs that you can combine to your liking and with an excellent quality-price ratio, being one of the best women’s clothing brands in the United States in that regard. It is also ideal for buying clothes that you can wear to work with a somewhat formal appearance but always with style.

If you wear petite sizes, you should definitely check out this brand as they have one of the largest collections for this size of clothing. In addition, their accessories section, which includes, for example, scarves, handkerchiefs or jewelry, is magnificent since they have several top-of-the-line things that will give a special touch to your look without you having to spend more.


Cotton:On has gone from being one of the most famous brands in Australia to conquering the world. With quite affordable prices, good quality and modern designs, they are one of the mid-range casual clothing brands that have grown the most.

This is because it is quite appreciated among young people since they find casual and quite cool clothing in its store at prices that are truly due to the good quality and design it offers. Sportswear, shirts, hoodies, pants, dresses, swimsuits or jackets for the cold, there is all this in Cotton:On.

It is also one of the best clothing brands for children, since for the little ones they have fun clothes, made of good materials and not at all expensive. In the vast majority of its physical stores (in addition to its website) there is the Typo store next door, which it also owns. This does not sell clothing, but a large number of items ideal for gifts or treating yourself such as mugs, posters, water bottles and small decorative items, also at good prices.


Inspired by Japanese culture but originating in England, Superdry garments reach the entire world. Whether from its website or if you visit one of its locations in dozens of countries, the brand gives a lot to talk about.

You will very easily know that a t-shirt, sweatshirt or swimsuits are from the brand, since they usually have their logo printed on many types of styles. But they differentiate themselves from other brands that offer similar products by using fabrics that you won’t see anywhere else.

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And if you want something without a logo, they also have other less flashy and more sober designs. Superdry dresses also sell very well due to their breadth of styles and prices under $50.

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