Makeup Stores in Europe & Imported Brands to Discover

Do you care to know the best makeup stores in Europe? When it comes to makeup, many women are excited, thinking about betting on a new lipstick, a different sunscreen, a top foundation or an imported eyeshadow palette. But, which makeup stores in Europe are worth visiting? 

We are talking about stores with good products, that’s undeniable, e.t.c. but are the prices of these items worth it? Are the stores the best place to get quality makeup products?

Even with the Euro soaring, it is still possible to find one or another beauty product that is worth buying.

Makeup Stores in Europe & Imported Brands to Discover

Check out our tips with makeup stores in Europe and also some cosmetic brands with cool products that you can find in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Top Best Makeup Stores In Europe

1. Douglas

Douglas is one of the best makeup stores in Europe, with all kinds of products and different brands, from the cheapest, like Essence and Catrice, to others that are the face of wealth, like MAC and NARS, visiting one of the stores spread across the continent needs to be on your bucket list.

The attendants are always attentive and don’t get on top of you pushing the bar to buy something. You can view through the shelves, read the labels carefully, and check the prices of each item to decide whether you want to buy something or not.

2. Sephora

The French store Sephora is present in several countries in Europe. There, you can find everything: eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, blush, mascara, sunscreen, moisturizer, primer, concealers, brushes and all kinds of makeup-related items. It’s a true paradise!

Prices in Euros are not always the most inviting for you to return home with a suitcase full of makeup. But the brands sold are very good and, even with the currency conversion, they tend to be a little cheaper compared to the store in other continents. It’s worth setting aside good hours of your day to research trends!

3. Kiko Milano

The cosmetics and make-up of the Italian brand Kiko Milano are a spectacle. With over 600 stores spread across the main European countries, you’re sure to find good and reasonably priced items to bring home.

Lipsticks, liquid foundations, concealers, highlighters, stick or powder blushes, eye pencils, eye shadows, masks, compact powder and more than a dozen products are on sale. In São Paulo, there are already five Kiko Milano stores for you to have the opportunity to discover the products in person.

4. The Body Shop

Despite having stores also in other countries and continents, if you find a The Body Shop store during a trip through Europe, stop by. Some countries have specific products, and you are lucky enough to find shelves with special promotions.

The products won’t be the cheapest, like lipsticks from 9 Euros, mascaras for 18 Euros or eyeshadow palettes for 21 Euros — but many are cruelty-free and for that reason alone we are already in love! The atmosphere of the stores is so cute that it’s worth looking for a promotion.

5. Flormar

Flormar is one of the makeup stores in Europe that are worth visiting and is present in ItalySpainPortugalBelgium and Turkey (on the official website you can find all the stores). The variety of products is quite large and, like The Body Shop, the place sells its own brands – this makes the products a little more affordable.

6. Prime

If you are traveling to Portugal or Spain, look for a Primor address closest to you and party! The cosmetics and makeup store is present in both countries and each store has an infinity of beauty products to discover.

Good and more affordable brands such as Catrice, Revlon, Revox, Maybelline, W7 among others are on the shelves. But sophisticated brands such as Dior, OPI, Inglot, Lancôme among others are also part of the manufacturers with items for sale at Primor.

7. El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés is a department store with products for bedding, tableware, bath, toys, decoration and also beauty items. Good brands like MAC, Lancôme, L’Oreal and even a Sephora store are found inside El Corte Inglés.

Because it is so grand, taking a walk in one of the department stores at El Cortes Inglés is always a fun trip to do in Europe, especially if you like to look for more products to buy and bring home in your suitcase.

8. Wycon

Anyone going to Italy needs to know Wycon. The products, as good and refined as Kiko’s, exceed expectations and best of all: they cost 1/3 the price of Kiko Milano. We love being able to save money and still bring a good product home!

It’s a shame that Wycon Cosmetics stores are only present in Italy, because the products (all the brand’s own manufacture) are very interesting, with even professional lines.

9. Pharmacies in General

As in the United States, it is possible to buy good and cheap makeup in Europe at several drugstore chains. You can browse stores from DM, Rossmann, Superdrug, Citypharma, Pharmacie or other chains, depending on the country you are visiting, to search for general beauty products.

Prices tend to be good, as pharmacies don’t sell expensive products. There are good and cheaper options that can fit in your pocket without hassle, like Maybelline, Revlon, L’Oreal and even La Roche.

10. Supermarkets in General

Most common makeup brands are sold in supermarkets in Europe. It has no freshness and no luxury brand, but the products on sale do the trick! It’s easy to find cute lipstick, nice nail polish, or even face sunscreen at a good price.

In the same way, Lidl also has a section with hygiene and beauty products – you may find a product or another from Essence there. As this supermarket chain is cheap, the chances of finding promotions and cheaper items are also great.

Makeup and cosmetic brands to look for in Europe

In addition to specialized stores or makeup and cosmetics sessions, it is also nice to know some brands of European products to buy. Because, as you can see, pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores sell makeup too. So check out some brands that can win your heart!


Much love for LUSH! The brand, in addition to having beautiful and very good products, is cruelty-free, with vegan options that make everyone in love! The vegan collection fell in the taste of Europeans and those who visit Portugal and the United Kingdom, countries with physical stores of the brand.

Handcrafted brushes are perfect for any look. Long-lasting vegan lipsticks moisturize the lips and still have vibrant colors. 


Perhaps, this is the cheapest cosmetics and makeup brand you will find in Europe. It’s easy to find Essence products that cost 1 Euro! 

Being in Europe, you will undoubtedly come across Essence items in supermarkets and pharmacies, as these places sell products at lower prices.


Catrice is also a brand with cheap products, but with slightly higher quality than Essence, with more natural shades, for example. The options are quite varied, you will find lipsticks, foundations, compact powder and many other beauty items to buy during your trip at good prices.

As with any “normal” brand, keep in mind that it is important to test the products and calculate the cost-benefit well. They are not premium brands, so the price needs to be very low to be worth buying — mascara, for example, is pretty bad!


With makeup products in general, Misslyn is a brand easily found in pharmacies in Europe. What draws attention is the presentation of the products, so cute that they don’t even seem to be “sold in pharmacies”. The quality is simple and follows the same line as Catrice (nothing too spectacular, but usable items for sure).

Those looking for a basic option like a little lipstick to give their look a lift or an eyeshadow palette will find Misslyn’s products a good cost-benefit.

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Do you have other favorite makeup stores in Europe to buy products? Share your experiences here in the comments, we’d love to know more options.

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