The Best Not So Well-Known Clothing Brands

Discover 10 of the best not-so-known clothing brands that are worth having on your radar including fashion for women and men with good design and quality

Everyone has a different style of dressing and although many are moved by fashion, the ideal is not to have the same thing as everyone. If you get tired of the same stores and seeing other people wearing the same things as you, there is much more to know in the world of fashion than Zara, H&M and other famous brands.

The Best Not So Well-Known Clothing Brands

Here we will talk to you about 10 of the best not-so-known clothing brands from around the world that have excellent designs and very good quality clothing so that you can dress differently from your friends and acquaintances.


The Scandinavian countries are the origin of several of the best not-so-known clothing brands that we will tell you about in this article, such as Ganni. This brand is from Denmark and is one of the favorites of many influencers. And this is because it has everything: pretty cool designs, not so high prices, and they care about the environment.

Ganni brand 1

Their dresses are some of the best sellers this brand has to offer. Most of them are printed, whether they are flowers, stripes or animal prints, but if you want something with less color, there are also models available.

That’s not all since they also have t-shirts, skirts with prints similar to those on dresses, blouses and shoes of all kinds (from sandals to boots). As for the rest of the accessories, Ganni has everything you need for your look including jewelry and bags. They have even released numerous collaborations with all kinds of brands, even launching candles with his name.

Maison Kitsune

Featuring the best of French and Japanese fashion, Maison Kitsuné has gained fame in recent years but remains one of the less well-known clothing brands that are worth the money. They started as a record label that evolved into a clothing brand and a coffee chain.

Maison Kitsune img 1

Although there are clothes for women and men, the men’s collection is the one that stands out the most. Their clothes have a preppy air with some more streetwear models, but with the common denominator of being casual but chic fashion.

Printed t-shirts, shirts or sweatshirts embroidered with their fox logo are what you will see most in their store. Based on prices, we can classify it as a premium or affordable luxury fashion brand, which is gaining more and more notoriety.

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Paul Smith

Fun and colorful designs are what you can expect from Paul Smith clothing. Although he is a reference designer in England, in the rest of the world he is not so popular. Although it is undoubtedly one of the not so well-known clothing brands that you should keep an eye on. He combines the sophistication so typical of English fashion with a type of striking style that seeks to give a touch of color to all his garments.

Paul Smith img 1

Whether you like clothes and accessories with lots of colors that draw attention or with a single detail that stands out, Paul Smith has something for you. They also have a slightly cheaper (and actually more famous) brand called PS Paul Smith.

It is more of a streetwear type and here you can find t-shirts, sneakers, sweatshirts, polo shirts and casual dresses. On most of their garments you will see the brand’s zebra logo and they do not lose the style that has made them famous.


There are many internationally famous luxury Italian fashion brands including Gucci, Fendi, Prada and more. But there are many other brands in the same sector that, although they attract the attention of experts, are not known by as many people as is the case with Marni.

Its collections include both women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as accessories and even furniture. What they all have in common is that all their products are very original, colorful and will not leave you indifferent.

They use not so common materials such as mohair, as well as some somewhat unique cuts and prints in their dresses and skirts for women. While for men, it is even more unique. You can see brightly colored printed pants, red leather blazers or shirts with tie-dye prints. What we can assure you is that although it is not a type of design that everyone likes, if you are a fan of fun and eye-catching clothing, this brand will fascinate you.

N. Peal

For more than 80 years, N.Peal has been one of the reference brands in a particular type of garment. S is about cashmere sweaters, a quite elegant garment that does not go out of style (and is an essential for the cold season). But outside their country they are not as popular as other British brands.

Although once you meet them you will love them since their clothes are of extraordinary quality. As we said before, sweaters are their specialty but they sell more garments, although the vast majority are made with cashmere (such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, blazers and more).

Although many brands offer products made of this material, N.Peal’s is one of the best on the market. It comes from Mongolian goats and after cleaning and braiding the fibers they create a resistant, warm and extremely luxurious material. It is not a very cheap brand but it is well worth investing in its clothes. They only have stores in London, but you can buy your favorite design through their online store.


Without good production, creation matters nothing. This is the motto of the French brand APC in which it shows that they place equal importance in both the design and manufacturing phases of their garments.

This is extremely important since it distances itself, for example, from fast fashion brands in which they are only interested in the first thing, but where their clothing ends up being disposable. In fact, its acronym means Atelier de Production et de Création, which translates from French as the production and creation workshop.

You can expect to find everything in this brand such as its excellent designs of urban or streetwear style clothing that its young customers love as it differentiates itself from other brands by being more refined, revealing its French DNA. But the good thing about APC is that they don’t marry just a more formal and classic type of design.

The Kooples

We move on to another of the French clothing brands not so well known to the general public, but which has thousands of followers for its rock and relaxed style but without losing sophistication. The Kooples is the name of the brand in question that plays with the word Couples, which is couples in English. Its design is eclectic and groundbreaking, including quite chic dresses for women or printed shirts for men.

Another of its best-selling products are leather jackets, a must-have in every wardrobe and which clearly reflect the DNA of this brand. You should also take a look at The Kooples’ accessories for girls such as their cowboy-style belts with large buckles or imitation snakeskin bags.


H&M is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. But they also have other clothing brands that are not as well known. Today we will talk specifically about Arket, one of the most interesting of the group. And it has nothing to do with the type of clothing and concept that H&M offers.

For example, Arket does not focus so much on current trends by only producing clothing with a rather timeless design that does not go out of style.

Another big difference is that while the main brand focuses on fast fashion, this other brand seeks to make the production and materials of its garments more sustainable. Although the prices are much higher, there are things with excellent design and higher quality than H&M. Currently they only have physical stores in Europe, but they ship worldwide.


With good designs and quality in its clothing, Fabletics is one of the best not-so-known clothing brands. It specializes in athleisure or activewear, which is a combination of clothing that you can wear for sports and that also looks good when going out to a casual event. Some similar brands like Lululemon or Alo are more popular, but this one is also very worth it. In fact, many celebrities have been part of the brand either as shareholders or advisors including Kate Hudson, Lizzo and Kevin Hart.

Fabletics sports clothing (whether t-shirts, sweatshirts, sports bras, leggings and more) have a 10 design and use high quality materials with new technologies so that you can carry out your activity in the best way. It is a unique brand since it functions as a members club. Although you can buy without being registered, you will have the best prices if you subscribe. They charge you around $50 dollars per month that you can exchange for products and they have quite attractive discounts with this route. But if you don’t want to buy anything that month you can deactivate it so you don’t get charged.

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Finally, we have a brand from New York that wows customers from all over the world. Theory was born in the 90s as a complementary project of the famous designer Elie Tahari but it was so successful that it became her own brand. But it is still not one of the most popular American clothing brands, although more and more people follow it.

Liked for its timelessness, since they sell clothes that will serve you for a long time and will continue to look good. It is also a good alternative to make a wardrobe staple since they have basics for all occasions and that you can combine very well.

They are also known for their linen garments, one of the most sought after materials in the hot season. It is not a cheap clothing brand but it makes up for the good materials they use.

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